Not Really Giving A Shit About Miss America, Sorry

Please stop telling me to give two shits about Miss America. Because I don’t. And I won’t.

I’m sorry some people on the dark corners of the internet were mean to her because she’s of Southeast Southwest Asian heritage, and they thought that meant Muslim. This is what the internet is for: to give equal voice to the stupids and extremists of the discourse. They are the minority. I’m sure most people don’t care and those who do were fine with Nina Davuluri. She seems perfectly fine.

What I find offensive is the entire concept of women “competing” for a meaningless title based on how they look in a swimsuit, formal wear and similarly superficial judgments. Whether she’s white, brown, caramel, yellow, or purple really is immaterial to me. I just find the whole spectacle offensive. Surely there’s an easier way to get a job on morning television.

But it’s all Kabuki. Seems like all of this is ginned up to bring some much-needed relevance to a completely outdated relic of our pre-feminist culture.


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  1. Bitter Scribe

    Would it be nitpicking to point out that she’s actually of Southwest Asian heritage? Southeast Asia means Vietnam, Thailand, etc.

    Totes agree on beauty contests, though.

  2. democommie

    The newest recipient of the “I am Miss America–I will do almost anything to be an iconic figure for 365 days*” is from DeWitt, NY about 40-50 miles southeast of where I live. She’s been profiled as far back as about six months ago when she was only Miss NY. I don’t understand why she has done what she’s done–anymore than I understand why college football players don’t actually TRY, in many cases, to get a college education. Having said that, I feel that she has every right to do what she’s done.

    As for the misogynistic, misanthropic asshats who are hatin’ on teh intertoobz. Well, gosh, fuck ’em. When you get right to the bottom of the sacks-of-shit that those people are you find out that “mooslim”, “NotMurKKKan” and the rest of their labels all = “nigger”. Sorry, it’s just not anymore complicated than that. They’re racist assholes and that will not change until they want it too–likely never.

    I do wonder how they would feel if the winner was an Irish, Scandinavian, German, Polish, Rumanian or other WHITE or NEARLYWHITE person Well, I don’ wonder that much. They’d still be misogynistic, misanthropic asshats–the race thing would just not be part of their ragefuel.

    * Where the value for “icon” is somewhat flexible.


      Details at 11.

      • democommie

        Oh, I’m well aware of that. I’ve been accused of being one, many times, for hurting the feelings of misogynistic, misanthropic asshats.

        The U.S. is becoming more and more like the mid-late period roman empire every year. Public policy is either opaque or overtly hostile to the public. Those who make decisions about what we NEED to see on television tend to focus on escapist bullshit and “Reality competition” programs. Having to deal with uncomfortable facts is much easier when you keep them to a minimum.

  3. Mary Wilson

    I agree with your entire rant, SB…as a great-grandmother, I have never been a fan of this program, which was supposed to support more opportunities for young women to get a true college education as a means to reach success in whatever career she wished to attain. But starting in the 60s, it has digressed into an empty ‘beauty contest’, and the few aspects that were create the impression that all contestants were intelligent, motivated to succeed individuals. Now that ‘the Donald’ has ruined every aspect of this national program supposedly educational in nature, I think it should be removed from social consideration..

    • GregH

      My comment about something SB does not give a stale fart about:

      I’m an just really disappointed that the men of Amurca cannot all agree to put racism aside for once, and glory in our shared sexism if only for a brief moment.
      (But ya gotta admit that whole “Bollywood fusion” dance number in the talent competition was pushing the evelope in Peoria!)

      • I’m an just really disappointed that the men of Amurca cannot all agree to put racism aside for once, and glory in our shared sexism if only for a brief moment.

        Ahh … beautifully put. Thank you. Also: I’m totally stealing it. Just be forewarned.

        Seriously, who thinks this is even real? Mean people on the internet is not a “stop the presses moment.” Anonymous commenters being rude on Twitter is a nightly occurrence. But the Miss America brand has to try to prove it’s still relevant somehow …

      • GregH

        Technology like the internet or twitter creates what Brecht called an “alienation effect” around apparently mundane events and actions. The fact that it involves a machine and a glowing screen makes it “interesting.” Of course, what most people have not yet realized is that technology also makes the ephemeral into the indelible and permanent. Delete your stupid tweet and take down your angry FB ranting post, think that you fipped someone off in traffic and no one filmed it, but it is cached somewhere or recorded on cellphone video, and as everyone should know by now, e-mail is truly forever.

  4. democommie

    This is my comment from here:


    That website for Miss Kansas is, just, wow.


    “I grew up being bullied and feeling self-conscious about the way I looked. My self-esteem and my perspective on life changed when at the age of 10 my dad altered my teeth. I entirely devote my love and passion for dentistry and healthcare philanthropy to those moments.”

    is in a word, odd.

    She says in other parts of her self-report that she’s travelled all over the world and has an enviable CV. I just gotta wonder if it’s true–and if it is, I gotta wonder how long it will be before she cracks under the strain of being perfect.

    Her posting of this photo:

    might be a violation of Army regs regarding dress and demeanor. I’m sure that the military is different than it was when I served, but I suspect they still have dress codes and protocol rules.”

    Ms. Kansas will make some KKKansan a perfect Stepford wife.