Leaving Arizona … again

Remember these guys? The family which had to escape “Christian persecution,” abortion and gays, and got lost on their way to climate change-ravaged Kiribati and had to get rescued?

Yeah, they’re leaving again. Apparently completely lacking in irony, Sean Gastonguay, patriarch of the hopeful emigrants, fearmongered about immigration reform.


Good riddance.


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11 responses to “Leaving Arizona … again

  1. Of course they’re lacking in irony. The conservatives killed irony and desecrated the corpse years ago.

  2. Perhaps Russia will take them . . . please.

  3. I wonder what unsuspecting destination they will fail to reach this time.
    If they are this serious about wanting to die adrift in the merciless ocean, well… Freedom!!!!! Liberty!!!!!
    No second rescue.

  4. fuckit. let ’em go. those stunted genes =need= to be purged from the general population. (sry, but I’m not feelin’ real tolerant today – i am =surrounded= by people who blap this shite out of their yobs every day, and I still can’t move away…)

  5. GregH

    They should try the other ocean this time – maybe shoot for St. Helena. I hear Napoleon loved it there!

  6. It’s probable that they will not think more kindly of immigration reform even after they learn that the rest of the world considers them foreigners.

    Not feeling compassionate toward the Gastonguay family right now. Except the baby.