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Of course, the Navy Yard shootings have sucked all the air out of this week’s Tennessee Gun Report. On the one hand, it appears Aaron Alexis (hey, shouldn’t the media have learned his middle name by now?) attempted to buy an AR-15 last weekend and was blocked by Virginia state law. So things conceivably could have been worse.

On the other hand, how a paranoiac who heard voices with a history of gun violence and arrests in at least three states was able to pass a federal background check and purchase “a law-enforcement-style shotgun” is something we need to talk about. It’s amazing to me that the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) didn’t find his 2004 Seattle arrest or his 2010 arrest but a Google search does.

This is a system which needs to be strengthened, not weakened. And no, I don’t think the people arming the blind have much interest in tightening these laws. Their only solution is everyone gets a gun, everyone gets shot, and let God sort ’em out. Brilliance. So no matter what the gun loonz say right now, I’m not looking for leadership from that crowd.

Without further ado, some news from around the state:

• Sept. 17, 2013:

1- Knox County school security officer Kevin Lee Waggoner was placed on leave after a shooting left his neighbor dead:

According to the TBI, a confrontation between Waggoner and another unidentified man and Woodby occurred shortly before the shooting. Authorities were alerted of a fight and possible shooting, according to Union County Sheriff’s Office Detective Kenneth Crider.

When Union County sheriff’s officers arrived, they found Woodby “shot alongside the highway,” Helm said.

Waggoner and Woodby live across the street from each other in the 500 block of State Route 370. They have a history of conflict.

Woodby and his wife have taken out multiple orders of protection against Waggoner and repeatedly called the Sheriff’s Office on Waggoner’s family. Waggoner said he has been videotaping Woodby to show sheriff’s officers he was not the aggressor during numerous conflicts.

Hmmm … so hard to distinguish the good guys with the guns from the bad guys with the guns. UPDATE: Waggoner has been arrested.

2- Also in Knox County, a high school student was arrested for having a gun at school.

3- Another gun was found at yet another Memphis school.

4- A 13-year-old Nashville boy fatally shot himself in the head with a gun stored in a bedroom in his home. Hard to tell exactly what happened at this point.

• Sept. 16, 2013:

1- Another loaded gun found in a carry-on bag at the Nashville airport. These are weekly occurrences now, BTW.

And yes, you lose the right to call yourself a “responsible gun owner” when you forget where your loaded pistol is.

2- A Memphis elementary school was on lockdown due to a shooting nearby.

3- In south Nashville, a man walking to his mother’s house from the supermarket is shot in the neck. This neighborhood is in the heart of the housing projects, so I guess we’re supposed to accept that “these things” will happen to “those people.”


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10 responses to “Tennessee Gun Report

  1. democommie

    But, but, but…

    While a measly dozen or so people were gettin’ teh whack in D.C. (“Good riddance!”, Chiefie Kessler might say, of that gummint scum) THOUSANDS of people weren’t robbed, killed or rousted by Obamandingo’s nancybooted jackthugs and spirited off to the FEMAdeathcamps. And that’s cuz, GUNZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! Checkmate, gunzhaterz!!

    Oh, shit, I forgot. JESUS and MurKKKa, too, also.

    • GregH

      You forgot to mention Sharia law being part of Obum-o-care, dude!

    • Billy Goat

      I’m complete in favour of cops sweeping through municipalities searching thoroughly for guns. The trouble is that enforcing a ban properly will mean screaching hypocrites will complain and get their lawyers to block enforcement. Perhaps a state like Michigan could be used as a test case. Go through the state and sweep for weapons. Start in the cities, then clear the rural areas then sweep the burbs.

      • I’m not. I don’t want to ban all guns. I just want some reasonable gun control measures. I don’t think anyone needs military-style weapons, and I don’t think anyone needs a home arsenal. I think you should be required to wait 24 hours to make your purchase and should be required to have liability insurance. Also, trigger locks or even these new-fangled “fingerprint locks,” or whatever they’re called. I think if your gun ends up getting stolen and used in a crime, or some kid finds it and kills or maims someone with it, you’re negligent and need to pay the consequences. I think all of the various and sundry state and federal agencies should be sharing their data and our ridiculous background check system needs to be strengthened. I have no problem with gun registries, none. And I have no problem with letting everyone know who has a carry permit. No one has adequately explained to me why that’s a bad idea. I thought the whole point of carrying a gun was so bad people would leave you alone. If that’s the case, wouldn’t you want the entire world to know “I HAVE A GUN LEAVE ME ALONE!” It makes no sense.

  2. Billy Goat

    If you dig into tID of not of these killers an ungainly and embarrassingly large number of them are black. It’s certainly true that urban areas ought to have restrictive gun laws. The thing is the cops have to bring the jackboot down and sweep areas for weaponry and do it thoroughly.

  3. democommie

    “I’m complete in favour of cops sweeping through municipalities searching thoroughly for guns.”

    You are? Well, that makes one of us. I am not for taking most peoples’ gunz away from them. I am for beginning a process to keep COMPLETE FUCKING NUTJOBS from having access to any weapon that they can acquire at a gunshop, gunshow or in some back alley from a “private collector”.

    “If you dig into tID of not of these killers an ungainly and embarrassingly large number of them are black.”

    Which killers are you speaking of? Surely not serial killers and mass shooters; they are overwhelmingly white, mostly christian and generally not from materially deprived social situations. Or were you trying to say something else? Something like, “Scaryblackmans with gunz, they scare us!”.

    I think that Southern Beale has another troll in Billy Goat.

  4. GregH

    Columbia TN has more domestic violence per capita than any city in TN. Home sweet battered and bruised home! And another tragedy adds to the endless heartache in Maury County. I don’t know what in the hell to do.

  5. democommie

    These aren’t yours but it’s early in the hunting season (at least for some critters.


    Lucky for Mr. Cusick, he was out scouting turkey hunting sites instead of deer hunting sites–a .30-06 or .308 would have left him considerably worse off, if not dead.

    Another gunzjeenyus, here:


    I wonder if he’s the same person as this guy;


    And, finally, we have some GOOD gunzloonz nooz!


    From the linked article:

    ““The only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” Petersen says, resolutely, then quickly qualifies: “Just buying a gun doesn’t improve things much.”


    “The safety is only a mechanical device, and we all know how reliable mechanical devices are,” he says to a roomful of knowing nods. “The best safety on any weapon is the person holding it.”

    Well, maybe not.

    About two months later, this:


    Some of the comments are truly fucking braindead.