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Ah it wouldn’t be Wednesday without the Tennessee Gun Report. Enjoy:

• September 25, 2013:

Gorillas in his midst:

A Tennessee man took a strategic sitting position in his recliner and fired at the gorillas inside his house.

OK, the gorillas weren’t real, but the unidentified Decatur man thought they were. He called police at 2:45 p.m. on Tuesday to report that giant apes were galavanting in his home, Decatur Daily reports.

Things must have gotten out of hand, because dispatchers say the man stopped speaking at some point and left the phone line open.

When officers responded, the man was still in his recliner, holding a shotgun. Police Lt. John Crouch said there were shots fired from the recliner into the wall.

The man was taken to a nearby hospital for a mental health evaluation. No charges were filed.

• September 24, 2013:

1- In Blount County this week, a motorcyclist fired a gun at a car. No explanation appears imminent save the usual “road rage”:

It happened around 8 pm Monday on Highway 321. The driver of the car told officers that a man driving a red or maroon cruiser type motorcycle with a female passenger pulled up behind her. The motorcycle started driving recklessly, like it wanted to pass the car.

The driver then heard two shots. She says at that point, the motorcyclist got ahead of the car, stopped., then pulled up to the passenger’s side and waved around a handgun.

Deputies removed a bullet from the car’s bumper.

2- From Paris, Tn. With a sigh:

Two handguns were stolen from a vehicle on Glenhaven Road in the past week.

According to McClure’s report, the owner left the two handguns in the center console of a locked pickup Sept. 15. The guns were noticed missing Friday.

The stolen weapons are a .380-caliber Ruger LCP valued at $320; and a .45-caliber Springfield XD, $550.

Well the truck was locked. There’s that. But as long as you guys keep treating these things like a pack of chewing gum, I get to call you on your irresponsible behavior.

Y’all, this is such a huge pet peeve of mine, you have no idea. Don’t leave your freakin’ weapons in your dang car overnight, how hard is that?

3- Ha ha, fooled ya:

Sgt. Scott Wyrick, head of the Henry County department’s patrol division, said the department had contacted an unnamed Calloway County resident as they investigated a report of a person seen with a gun.

The man thought someone was playing a practical joke on him, and told the Henry County officer he had a gun and had just shot someone with it.

Sheriff’s deputies and ambulances from Henry and Calloway counties were dispatched to the area, only to find when they arrived that the caller had been joking. No charges were filed by Calloway County authorities.

Hilarious! /Sarcasm.

• September 23, 2013:

A Johnson City woman shoots her boyfriend, shoots at responding cops, escapes into the woods with her 6-year-old daughter, both are found dead next day in an apparent “murder suicide.” Coming to a Lifetime Movie Channel near you.

• September 21, 2013:

1- The Memphis Police Department’s gun buyback program has been called a big success, as hundreds of firearms were voluntarily turned in.

2- Some residents in Sparta, TN are upset that a gun range opened up in their backyard and they weren’t told about it until the bullets started flying.

• September 19, 2013:

No charges will be filed in a Chattanooga incident where a 7-year-old brought a gun to school, placing the entire school on lockdown.

The student was suspended but the parents? Nada. Personally, I think parents who display this kind of gross negligence with their firearms need to be charged with some kind of misdemeanor. I’m guessing the law as currently written doesn’t allow for that unless someone actually gets injured.

• September 18, 2013:

Another Second Amendment hero stands his ground against …. couple having car trouble?

From what we have been told, they were headed to Joe Wheeler State Park to check out the campgrounds and ended up on Lauderdale 50,” Clemmons said. “The man said he didn’t know for sure where they were. The girlfriend said he didn’t know where they were, either.

“The man did tell us they were close to a barn in a pasture, but he was not sure exactly where.”

Murks told investigators they had car trouble and stopped on the side of the road.

“He said while he was outside the car, a man walks up, confronts him and accused him of trespassing,” Clemmons said. “(Murks) said the man told him to get out as if he was the property owner.”

Authorities said Murks was reportedly shot by the man.

Clemmons said he was shot several times with a shotgun and pistol.

He said the shooter is described as being in his mid-50s, slim, average height, with salt-and-pepper hair and a six-inch gray beard.

“Murks said he has never seen the man before,” Clemmons said. “The girlfriend said the man told her to get out of the car and leave. So, she ran off into the woods.”

Still lots of questions to be answered.

• September 17, 2013:

Someone fired shots on the campus of Lane College in Jackson, Tenn., last week.

• September 16, 2013:

A Knoxville man was arrested after he fired shots into two parked cars in front of his apartment building for no apparent reason. Maybe he thought they were gorillas.


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3 responses to “Tennessee Gun Report

  1. deep

    “A week before it opened, I was informed it was going to be a gun range. I’m a gun owner. I’m a life member of the NRA, and I believe gun responsibility means making people aware.”

    Jeez, these guys just don’t get it. The pundits are pushing things so hard that even reasonable guys like this have no idea that they’re supporting a bunch of psychopaths. It’s probably inevitable that someone will call this guy a RINO now because he doesn’t want a gun range in his neighborhood.

  2. deep

    Oh, and that Car Trouble case reminds me an awful lot of that Ward Bird case in NH where Mr. Bird threatened a woman who was lost. While I agree that the three-strike rule was applied awfully harshly in this case, I still agree with the prosecutor who wanted nothing more than to take away Mr. Bird’s guns.