Good News Friday

Here’s your weekly progress report, compiled from across the interwebs:

• Marissa Alexander, the Florida woman jailed for firing a warning shot into a wall when confronted by her abusive husband, has been granted a new trial.

• eBay’s Utah data center is powered by a first-of-its-kind fuel cell bank. Wow.

• Progress in talks between the U.S. and Iran. Still can’t forget John McCain singing “bomb, bomb, Iran” like it was some kind of joke.

• This story of a brave 4-year-old survivor of the terrorist attack in Nairobi is nothing short of amazing:

A four-year-old British boy survived the bloody Kenyan shopping mall attack after standing up to a terrorist gunman and telling him: “You’re a very bad man.”

Elliott Prior, from Windsor in southeast England, showed great courage when men with AK47s stormed the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi on Saturday, the Sun reports. He was protecting his mother Amber, who had been shot in the leg. As a gunman approached him, his mother and his six-year-old sister Amelie, he shouted: “You’re a bad man, let us leave.”

Surprisingly, the gunman appeared to take pity on the family. After going so far as to give Elliott and Amelie candy bars, he allowed them to escape with their mother, saying, according to the Sun: “Please forgive me, we are not monsters.”

• Cool idea du jour: the Daily Table, a market/restaurant concept from former Trader Joe’s CEO David Rauch, which uses food slightly past its expiration date.

• Montana gun owners come out in favor of stricter background checks.

• California Gov. Jerry Brown signed two important laws helping low-wage workers: one guarantees nannies and other domestic workers overtime pay while the other raises the state’s minimum wage to $10/hour.

• Barbara and George H.W. Bush were official witnesses at a same-sex wedding in Maine.

• Notorious anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-Obama, anti-Muslim “preacher”/scam artist Bradlee Dean has been forced to shutter his You Can Run But You Can’t Hide “ministry”/cult when his entire staff walked out.

• Not necessarily good news, but I’m obsessed with this sea sponge that looks like Cookie Monster:

Stove Pipe Sponge, Aplysina archeri

• Buzzfeed is reporting that far-rightcrackpot Allen West was fired from the right-wing Pajamas Media for making anti-Semitic remarks to a female employee. They simply can’t help themselves.

• A climber found a treasure trove of rubies, emeralds and sapphires atop a glacier outside Chamonix, France.

• McDonald’s is cutting sugary sodas from its Happy Meals.

• Bison and beaver are making a comeback in Europe.

• Rescuers pulled a baby alive from the wreckage of a building in Mumbai, India, 11 hours after it had collapsed.

Good News, Tennessee Edition:

• Nashville’s Father Ryan High School makes an anti-sweatshop statement on its football jerseys.

• The old Nashville landfill has become a certified wildlife habitat.

• Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, our “shadow governor,” says wine sales in grocery stores will become legal next year.

• Memphis is recognized as an innovative city.

This week’s cool video: Gay Christian Mingle, a hilarious parody of those insipid ads, complete with CCM soundtrack. Here some Christian gays discover they can “game the system” and find their perfect match because God don’t make mistakes, y’all. Hilarious.


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6 responses to “Good News Friday

  1. SiubhanDuinne

    Upon following some of the links within links, I discovered that Bradlee Dean’s attorney in his lawsuit against Rachel Maddow is none other than Larry Klayman, who has been in the news most recently because of his “Citizens’ Grand Jury,” which “indicted” President Obama for “ineligibility.” Why am I not terribly surprised to learn this?

    • democommie

      Ed Brayton over at FreeThoughtBlogs, “Dispatches from the Culture Wars” refers to Klayman as “the dumbest lawyer who isn’t Orly Taitz or Matt Staver.”. I don’t know if Klayman’s ever won a case but if he has you can prolly call the presiding judge the worst judge who isn’t Tony “Ducks” Scalia or Roy Moore.

      Southern Beale:

      Gay Christian Mingle, priceless.

  2. To me, the best news is the former landfill becoming a wildlife habitat.

  3. Dan

    Elliot Prior,

    Very lucky. Although I guess he is the kid who saw that the Emperor God Had no clothes and the Somali Jihadist had a temporary pang of conscience. My son was sexually abused by a teacher at his school and he had the simple courage to speak out about it. Turns out the whole class was being molested. Boys around that age are special people more often than not. Brave without knowing it, honest without expectation of reward for it.

    Well done Elliot!