Where There’s Shit There’s Always Flies

A government shutdown looms and the stock market is tanking, which makes this the perfect opportunity to fundraise, naturally:


Ah yes. Where there’s shit there’s always flies.

And no, the Democrats don’t get a pass, either. I’ve received emails from Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Harry Reid and this one from MoveOn.org:


Yes, both sides do it.

Here’s my tip to both sides: exploiting government dysfunction with fundraising appeals is really bad optics. It sort of reaffirms for the rest of us what we’ve always suspected: that our current state of polarization and the resulting incompetence is by design. That we don’t actually have government dysfunction but rather a system which functions really well for certain groups — mainly the K Streeters and insiders who run things.

The rest of us depend on a functioning government for things like getting passports and FEMA aid and paychecks and food stamps and grants and highway repairs and a million other things. And this is very serious business for us.

So knock it off.


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17 responses to “Where There’s Shit There’s Always Flies

  1. Dang. I can’t believe the Democrats didn’t come back with an appeal to support Tom Joad. What kind of amateur hour are the Dems running over there?

  2. Timely post. I was sitting here thinking “What’s the frickin metagame here?” is this about 2014 or what? I mean as much as I disagree with the GOP they must think the shutdown has some long term upside. Or do they just like to blow shit up?

  3. Rick Rockhill

    ms beale – in the last few days, i’ve gotten emails from those you mention plus claire mccaskill, two “from” michelle obama and two “from” the president (both today).
    bernie sanders is the only political figure who isn’t asking for money!!!

  4. J. H.

    Hello Ms. Beal! Right on, as is usual.

  5. deep


    How stupid do these Galtian’s have to be to believe that John Galt himself needs help?? HELP? Are they totally illiterate???

  6. Jim in Memphis

    I have a feeling that when I process payroll today the IRS will be open to accept our income tax deposits,

    • I’m sure you’ll let us know if it’s not.

      • Jim in Memphis

        The IRS was indeed open to take our payroll tax payment.

      • Clearly an essential service. Only non-essential services were closed. Except for Marsha Blackburn’s yap. That was very open today, as well — and in my opinion, extremely non-essential.

      • Jim in Memphis

        I love the concept of the federal government paying for “non essential” services. Sounds like a road map to budget cuts.

      • LOL. Until you read the fine print and find out what’s really “non-essential” — like, the VA and all of this stuff the House Republicans are trying to fund piecemeal. Who knew GOPers were such big fans of the National Park Service?

        Oh yeah, and then there’s the whole thing about “essential workers” having to work but they don’t get paid. What’s that we call Republicans? The Cheap Labor Party? Don’t get any cheaper than “free.” Republicans = a raw deal for workers.

      • Jim in Memphis

        Trying to fund piecemeal is actually the way the budget process is supposed to work every year. The only job Congress technically must complete each year is to pass budgets for the various departments. Normally these should be individual bills for each department. For a while now, neither party has passed a true budget, just continuing resolutions that cover all spending in one bill that says we can keep spending money. It is a sad statement on Congress that they suck at their only job.

      • Normally these should be individual bills for each department.

        Errr, no.

  7. “Normally these should be individual bills for each department.”

    Right. Have you ever SEEN what a budget looks like, Jimbo? Passing one for each department? That would mean that DoD and DHS would get funded and not a fuck of a lot else. Does thinking hurt that much?

    • We haven’t had a real budget since 1997. We’ve operated with continuing resolutions for nearly 17 years.

      Jim is a fucking moron.

      • Jim in Memphis

        Sorry – what I was speaking of are the appropriations bills.


        The Appropriations Process. The annual appropriations process provides
        funding for discretionary spending programs through 13 regular appropriations bills.Congress must enact these measures prior to the beginning of each fiscal year (October 1) or provide interim funding for the affected programs through a “continuing resolution.”

        As you noted, Congress has failed to pass these bills for a long time and instead has been passing continuing resolutions.