Shiny Sparkly Deregulation Thingy

Wow. How’d I miss this one?

A member of the Tennessee Senate was one of the doctors who injected patients with a spinal steroid at a Nashville outpatient clinic in the months immediately preceding a national fungal meningitis outbreak that took the lives of 16 Tennesseans.

Sen. Steve Dickerson, R-Nashville, who is an anesthesiologist, administered injections of methylprednisolone acetate to several patients at the Saint Thomas Outpatient Neurosurgical Center a year ago, records obtained by The Tennessean show.

Months later, Dickerson voted in favor of a bill to ease Tennessee’s regulation of drug compounders. One such firm, the now-defunct New England Compounding Center in Massachusetts, is blamed for causing the outbreak by shipping fungus-tainted steroids to Tennessee and 22 other states.

Republicans’ pathetic attachment to the notion that regulation is the problem not the solution has predictably lethal consequences yet again. And since Gov. Haslam signed tort reform and liability limits, that means no one has to be accountable for anything ever again.

Of course, Dr. Dickerson had no way of knowing those injections were tainted, how could he? But that was the point of the regulations, you moron.

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  1. I’m just a handyman (and not always THAT handy) but when I do a job for someone and it turns out that the paint I applied or the window I installed is defective I do what I can to make it right. Dr. Asshole, here, not so much.

    If love means never having to say you’re sorry then tort reform must mean never having to give a fuck.