PR Stunts

So let me get this straight: Teanuts like Louie Gohmert and Michele Bachmann push for the government shut-down which results in shuttered national parks and monuments. Then they orchestrate a PR stunt at the World War II Memorial with a bunch of veterans where they get to look like big damn heroes? And the media gobbles it up like candy?

“I couldn’t believe my eyes,” Bachmann said. “It was big buses and a narrow strip of sidewalk, and there were all these veterans standing here behind police tape and they’re prevented from going in to see the memorial.”

Really? What the hell did you think would happen when you shut down the government, lady?

Gohmert Tweeted photos of himself with the veterans. This was grandstanding of the highest order, an obvious PR ploy and attempt to deflect any responsibility for the mess they themselves created:

Gohmert and other Republican members of Congress also went to the memorial and criticized the government for preventing visitors from coming to the memorial.

“We’ve got park service employees out here,” Gohmert said before the gates were opened. “Why wouldn’t you have them here to allow the veterans in, instead of stand and keep them from coming in?”

Umm, because it’s closed? Because you closed it? Do you break into convenience stores when they’re closed, too?

Again: the national media ate this BS up like candy. No one, not WTVF (my local CBS affiliate) or CNN or even the Associated Press bothered to point out that the very “heroes” breaking down the barricades were the people who voted for the shutdown in the first place.

And that’s it in a nutshell, folks. That’s all this whole government shutdown thing is: one big giant PR stunt. One chance to capture donations and B-Roll and optics for the 2014 election. I mean I’m sure it’s all a big coinky-dinky that news cameras were on site as Gohmert and Bachmann busted through those barricades, right?

Wake up and smell the bullshit.

I’m not surprised that the media plays along with this nonsense. They’re the ones reaping the financial rewards when campaign season rolls around and the TV ads start running. This is collusion of the highest order.

Shame on all of you.

More from Wonkette ….


And more from Gawker. Apparently the vets were flown in on a chartered jet and Reince Priebus has vowed to keep the WWII memorial open.

If you don’t think this whole thing wasn’t manufactured for its PR value, I have a bridge to sell you. Wonder how many fundraising emails this little stunt has spawned?

And yes, maybe Bachmann, Gohmert and Steve Palazzo should have worked harder to keep from closing the thing in the first place.


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14 responses to “PR Stunts

  1. deep

    Sad part is, it seems to be working. 😦

  2. Jim in Memphis

    Why would you block off the area outside around the memorials? Does it really take a government worker to let people walk around outside? I think I see some more potential budget cuts here.

    • They wanted to get INSIDE. The gates were closed.

      I think I see some more potential budget cuts here.

      LOL. Louie Gohmert and Michele Bachmann won’t like that, but they’ll just blame Obama anyway….

    • Jim really drank up that Tea-flavored Kool-Aid. All of this “maybe Americans just need to get used to a little less government! They’ll like it!” BS. Until, of course, it inconveniences THEM.

      Jon Stewart’s response was just classic. Your kid needs food? Too bad! That’s your problem! MY kid can’t take a school of the White House? EVERYBODY’S problem!

      • Jim in Memphis

        They did not want to go inside an actual building. This is an outdoor monument that they wanted to walk around and look at. Why would the outdoor area around a monument need to be “closed” for a shutdown? Do we really need to pay someone to stand there and watch people walk around a monument?

        Why do they need to close a road in the smokey mountain national park? Do we really need someone to stand there and watch cars drive on a road? Do we really need someone to watch over people camping in tents at a campground? I understand that the buildings would be closed, but why the need to “close” the outdoors? The thought that people are only capable of camping or driving through a national park with the aid of a government employee is ridiculous.

      • StringOnAStick

        To Jim in Memphis below; did you ever hear about such things as vandalism in national parks, or perhaps people getting into car accidents, or tourists getting too close to the buffalo in Yellowstone? National Parks, monuments, their roads, etc. can’t just be left to the good graces of everyone who cares to use them because duh, some of those people do stupid things that require official intervention to keep them alive or to protect the bit of national treasure they are destroying. Given your logic, we don’t need highway patrol or mall cops, or even guard rails.

  3. Is it working, though? I don’t see this ending well for the Tea Party, save with their fever-swamp base.

    It’s early enough that a lot of folks aren’t paying that close attention, unless they are or know a government employee.

    Wait until the sad stories about the little lunch deli that’s going without business — no office workers, no lunch. People hanging on to their money rather than spending as freely.

    Halloween ghouls came early this year for a lot of government-related small businesses.

  4. deep:

    Exactly right. And that’s why I’ll be going on the road with a big ol’ tent revival meeting to revive the TRUTH! I’m gonna need me some help, though. Allathem envelopes you get with those pleas for money from them fat cats in D.C.? Just stuff a few bucks in one of ’em and I’ll see that you get an address where to send it to. You’ll be rewarded twice, once just knowin’ that you’re helpin’ to spread the truth and secondish,um, hang on to that first part and I’ll come up with somethin’.

  5. Min

    I’d have been more impressed if the veterans had gone to visit members of Congress and shamed them for making a mockery of their sacrifices for the nation.

  6. Reblogged this on Big Blue Dot Y'all and commented:
    Yep. You don’t hire people to govern that hate Government. Rule #1

  7. democommie

    This thing is really starting to stink like an O’Keefe operation. What a coinkydink that all of those idiots from the House just happened to be available for that INSTEAD of working on some way to break the logjam in the House. Oh, that’s right, they don’t WANT that logjam broken.