News From Bullshit Mountain

I didn’t have time to compile my regular Good News Friday post, but I did find this clip from The Daily Show which someone put on YouTube. Enjoy it while you can, I’m sure Comedy Central will yank it at some point. As I’ve mentioned before, WordPress doesn’t let me embded Comedy Central’s videos:


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5 responses to “News From Bullshit Mountain

  1. Great video. It’s just a shame that Jon Stewart is the only person in the U.S. with the resources to suss out what’s going on and report it to the American people. If only there were other ginormous, well funded, professional organizations dedicated to journalism and dissemination of the unvarnished truth…

  2. I’m a very recent fan of The Daily Show following Jon Oliver’s stint at the desk (the penis in wine item……I live in THAT small SE Queensland, Australian suburb that said Liberal MP represented…..that whole sexting scandal and Oliver’s skit on it ironically put little old Redland Bay on the global map!!!). I cannot tell you, as a non-American, just how gloriously refreshing it is to discover such a hilarious voice of reason amongst all the crud that usually comes out of the US+A. My favourite so far, the Gay Mayor town:- he got the potholes mended “GAY-GAY-GAY”!! what was that pastor? you where in a gay bar??! to make……friends?! Until I came across this show I seriously thought Americans might have forgotten the meaning of satire, love it!! And as for the shutstorm?! If American politicians want to keep telling the rest of the world how to run their countries they should really learn to keep their own house in order first 🙂 Hope it’s not impacting on you personally, keep posting, I love your blog just as much as the The Daily Show!

    • Flying Junior

      It hurts us all, friend… Because we care!

      And yes, it felt good to laugh. Arguing doesn’t help anybody.

  3. yutsano

    One good news point: federal workers on furlough are gonna get their back pay. When was the last unanimous vote in the house?