Stay Classy, GOP

Wow. Just …. wow:

Ari Fleischer Tweets

Really? Really?! Yes, Republicans, do tell me how we need to dial back the rhetoric. I’m all ears.

Ari Fleischer was George W. Bush’s press secretary. He’s a media consultant for the NFL, and during the last presidential election worked for the RNC. He’s not some fringe crackpot listening to the short wave radio in his mom’s basement, mainlining Alex Jones. He’s .. establishment.

That Ari Fleischer would be wallowing in this “Obama is a Muslim appeaser” crap is just … unbelievable.

This is why when people say “both sides” have their extremes, I want to cringe. There may be liberal extremists out there but they aren’t offered a seat at the table and they certainly aren’t in positions of prominence.

Sadly, extremism and tinfoil hat conspiracies are today’s Republican Party.


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14 responses to “Stay Classy, GOP

  1. Martin Norred

    Stay classy? I would say more like ‘class clown’, except that there is nothing remotely funny about any of this.

  2. SiubhanDuinne

    I can’t comment without cursing and swearing and indulging in vulgarities and profanities, so I guess I just won’t comment. But I will be thinking it.

  3. God I don’t want to stand in the way people shooting spitballs at Ari Fleischer but I think this is meant to reflect the dumb-as-shit GOP meme that Obama will negotiate with Iran but not the Republicans. It’s not really an “Obama-is-a-Muslim” jab.

    • You’re probably right but it’s still awful. Isn’t that “He’ll negotiate with Iran not Republicans” mean to tweak that same “He’s a secret Muslim” part of the conservative amygdala?

  4. ted

    mullah boner,
    why not?

  5. poco

    Apparently the “You need to watch what you say” guy didn’t! I am hoping he gets pilloried, though not holding high hopes. At least billmon and TBogg are laughing at him.

  6. Cervantes

    Fleischer’s behavior surprises you?

  7. Flying Junior

    Hey Man! Nobody ever accused me of being politically correct, especially when it comes to name-calling!

    That fucking cocksucker used to be the press secretary for the shrub?!?!?

    No wonder that everybody hated and hates W to this day. The only reason that we don’t totally hate him is because of the wonderful portrayal of the president in Harold and Kumar Escape Guantanamo Bay when the dickheads crash into the roof of his ranch and end up smoking a cocaine and marijuana joint with the president. This is our nation healing. If it were not for this excellent movie, I would still totally hate Bush.

  8. Joe

    Actually this isn’t an inference that Obama is a Muslim (although they’re happy to leave that out there), it’s running with the meme that he’s willing to negotiate with the Iranians and Syrians (and Putin), but not Congress. Of course, Jon Stewart shot that silliness down. But it didn’t keep my rep from parroting it.

    • As I responded earlier about this, that may be correct but I think the “Obama will negotiate with the Mullahs but not us” meme is a dog whistle directed at the “secret Muslim” crowd.

  9. Meredith

    I am glad the President recognizes who the real terrorists are.

  10. democommie

    Ari Fleischer was always a classless dick and pretty much a bully when dealing with the press. This is not a change in his thinking, it just came out in an unguarded moment.