Tennessee Gun Report

We’re number one! We’re number one! Once again, Tennessee tops a list you’d rather rank last: the nation’s leader in violent crime.

The racists are all blaming Memphis where most of the blahs live but honestly, I see violence and stupidity all across the state.

Without further ado, here’s your weekly gun report.

• October 8, 2013:

In Nashville a man was shot when two women started arguing over money.

Guns have a way of escalating arguments to lethal levels. It’s stupid.

• October 5, 2013:

Most pathetic shoplifter ever, in Shelbyville:

A shoplifter at a Shelbyville store showed a gun while pleading with a store clerk not to call police Thursday afternoon.

The man allegedly concealed two flat irons under his clothing at Sally Beauty Supply, North Main Street, police said.


The man told her he had stolen the flat irons from Walmart and offered to sell them for $20. The clerk realized the flat irons, worth $150, were stolen from her store.

The suspect whispered to her to keep her voice down so a customer in the store wouldn’t overhear and call police; she did overhear and call police.

“He then lifted the left side of his shirt at the waistband and displayed a black handgun,” Wilkerson said. “He asked her not to call the police multiple times, saying he could not afford to get in any more trouble.”

• October 4, 2013:

A road rage incident led to a shooting in Jasper, Tenn.

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