You Gotta Be Kidding Me

Ha ha ha:

GOP looking at six-week debt limit extension; won’t end shutdown

House Republicans are discussing a six-week extension of the nation’s debt limit as a way to buy time for more negotiations with President Obama.

It is not clear if the hike Republicans are considering to the $16.7 trillion debt limit would be completely “clean,” meaning it would not demand concessions from Democrats. A clean hike would mark a significant concession to the White House.

But the legislation would not end the government shutdown, which could give Republicans continued leverage in the fight.

Let’s see, a deal that doesn’t end the government shutdown and promises a repeat of this drama in six weeks — right at peak holiday shopping time, when America’s retailers want people to feel like the global economy is swirling the drain. Sounds like a brilliant plan!

Surely nobody anticipated that electing people who don’t believe in government to government office would make a complete mess of government. It’s a mystery, I tellz ya!

C’mon, Republicans. Stop farting around here and get serious. This isn’t a deal, it’s your WTF moment. Republicans are getting pounded from all sides and they know it. Going through this whole crisis again in six weeks isn’t going to help you.

Here’s some schadenfreude from Booman to brighten your day.


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12 responses to “You Gotta Be Kidding Me

  1. * facepalm* Southern Belle, I’ll just do my best at school, which is what I should be doing. I cannot stand this anymore.

  2. Yes, the timing is difficult to comprehend. Seven weeks from today will be Thanksgiving. Preceded by Hanukkah. Then comes the oddly named Black Friday. Boehner equates this with meeting half of Obama’s “demands?” “A good faith gesture on our part?”

    Nothing short of psychopathic.

    • I’m thinking delusional. Reminds me of the homeless lady I work with who tells me she’s French royalty and therefore can’t go to social services, to “protect her family.”

  3. The latest NBC/WSJ poll has worse-than-bad news for Republicans:

    53% of respondents blame Republicans more than the President (31%) for the shutdown – a 22-point spread;

    Only 24% have a favorable view of the GOP;

    Only 21% have a favorable view of the Pee Tardy;

    47% prefer a Democratic-controlled Congress (39% for Republicans);

    50% oppose de-funding of ObamaCare (up from 46% last month);

    70% say Republicans are putting politics first.

    Since the shutdown, it appears the GOP is now less popular than diarrhea, bubonic plague, and impotence.

    • Sad thing is, they’re so gerrymandered in place, we’re stuck with ’em. And the American people will forget this hell we’ve been through in three months.

      • There are rumors apace:
        1 – The TPers may split from the GOP and form their own parody;
        2 – Moderate Republicans may start challenging TPers in the primaries.

        What one strawberry said to another: “If you weren’t so damn partisan, we wouldn’t be in this jam.

      • Moderate Republicans may start challenging TPers in the primaries.

        Now THAT would be interesting!

  4. democommie

    “Since the shutdown, it appears the GOP is now less popular than diarrhea, bubonic plague, and impotence.”

    Oddly enough, those are all endemic maladies amongst the teabaggists.

  5. kosh III

    I’d dearly love to see the TPers split, ensuring that the Demos stay in power.
    Better yet, I’d like to see Boehner and the GOP end up like Canadian PM Kim Campbell and the Progressive Conservatives in 1993.

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  7. It’s amusing to hear all of this doomsaying aimed at the Republicans. They lost a total of about 7 seats after the ‘horrible, horrible’ 95 blowback and picked up in the Senate. And that was even under a popular President.

    Your boy Obama is sporting W’s #s. Dream on.

  8. I see that Southern Beale has a new troll to play with..

    It’s always a pleasure to see them equate what the Ratpublican controlled House did between 1996 and 2000 with some sort of legislative statecraft. Spending most off their time trying to impeach Bill Clinton over a blowjob while totally ignoring serious issues. Gosh, it gives me a feeling of nostalgia when I look at what they’ve been doing for the last few years, running around like capons with their heads lopped off.