Vets Tell Palin, Cruz To STFU

Well, they told someone to STFU. The Million Vet March on the Memorials didn’t quite draw a million veterans — more like 500, according to someone who was there (she even posed for a picture with Ted Cruz, imagine that!) — but the vets who organized the event are none too happy about the Confederates and Oath Keepers and other weirdos who “hijacked” their event and made them look like a bunch of racist loons. Seriously, smokers against Obamacare? That’s got Darwin Award written all over it. (Photos here, for a laugh.)

Anyway, if you go to the Vets’ website, you’ll see this:

vets rally

Good luck stuffing that toothpaste back in the tube, fellas. You know the old saying about lying down with dogs? Yeah, that.


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8 responses to “Vets Tell Palin, Cruz To STFU

  1. Captain Renault: I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!
    [a croupier hands Renault a pile of money]
    Croupier: Your winnings, sir.
    Captain Renault: [sotto voce] Oh, thank you very much.
    Captain Renault: Everybody out at once!


  2. Hey so I’m a vet and while I think war memorials are nice things to have, you could shut them all down forever and no vets would starve or be kicked out of their homes, but that’s exactly what will happen if SS and Medicare checks stop going out like Cruz, Palin and their idiot ilk seem insistent upon. My ed benefits are already cut off and drill is cancelled this month, which sucks but I’m one of the lucky ones because I don’t depend on the above programs to meet my basics, to say nothing of SNAP and WIC which most Americans don’t realize or want to acknowledge that lots of military types, active and retired, need to make ends meet.

    tl;dr fuck all these people including the vets who care more about access to a goddamn park than whether their comrades have enough to eat

    • Thank you, Brendan, for speaking truth to power, the power currently being held by those who NEVER served in ANY of our military services. I was a Navy wife, during the long War for no reason, and I have watched our Veterans being insulted, hurt, ignored, and forgotten ever since 1963. My daughter is an AF Veteran, and we have many Veterans who have served proudly, protecting our Country. Here in Tennessee, every word you spoke is true. NO JOBS, minimum education benefits, and many actually HOMELESS, Our repthuglicans, ALL of them, voted for this nightmare and keep defending it, ignoring the millions here in our State who have suffered for years from their inaction in Congress. WE MUST STAND UP and protest every single day….Alexander, Corker and Duncan have offices here in Knoxville, at Market Street. Calling, e-mail, and letters do not effect them.
      Thanks again. We, the Volunteer State, has thousands of Veterans who are ignored by those responsible for helping them…But they fail…every day this shutdown farce continues.

  3. The !MVetMarch website looks like astroturf that got a little too much weed and feed.

    I’m a vet and I don’t give a shit about war memorials being open when other parks or federal facilities are closed. The VA’s open, I’m happy.

    The assholes with their rallies that draw dozens so people like Cruz can use them for a photo op are clueless douchewaffles.

  4. The bigger problem is the House of Reprehensibles. A day before the shutdown, the House Rules Committee changed the rules and rigged the game. Even if the Senate agrees to a deal, the House may reject it and bring ruin upon us.

    The extreme right wing of the GOP reminds me of a man who slit his wrists just to lower his blood pressure.

  5. Who’d have thought that Republicans would champion government-funded sculptural installations?

  6. Out of the 500 there weren’t more than 300 actual vets. And all of those Teabaggers stirring the shit are the same ones who vote against increased VA funding and pay raises for the military.