Tennessee Gun Report

Busy week in Tennessee gun lunacy. Without further ado:

• October 14, 2013:

1- A 22-year-old Nashville man named David White was “playing with his gun” in his apartment when the weapon fired, sending a bullet through the floor into the apartment below, shooting his neighbor while she slept:

News 2 spoke with the victim’s husband, Vincent Goutremont, who was home at the time of the accident along with their two children, a six-year-old and one-year-old.

He reported he woke to his wife screaming. She was sleeping just six feet from the baby’s crib where the child was also sleeping.

White has been arrested for reckless endangerment and unrelated drug charges. Let me say, he’s damn lucky he didn’t kill someone.

Freedom, liberty, Constitution, Founding Fathers, yada yada. Remind me again why we don’t require liability insurance for gun owners?

2- Police in Clarksville trying to put down an infected coyote in a residential neighborhood ended up shooting up the neighborhood, instead:

Neighbors said when police fired the rounds to kill the dangerous coyote, some of them ricocheted — hitting a nearby pickup and even breaking through the window of a home, into the bedroom of a teenage girl fast asleep on her day off of school.


“If I had my blinds up and I was in my closet trying to pick out an outfit for today, I would’ve been dead,” said Elizabeth Ward.

WTF. Police say an animal control officer was too far away to respond, but I wonder why TWRA officers hadn’t been dispatched to deal with a wildlife issue in the first place.

3- A Tennessee man and his current wife purchased two guns in Nashville on September 28. They are now in custody awaiting extradition to Maryland, where they will face charges of first degree murder in the shooting death of the man’s ex-wife this weekend.

I’d just love to know more about those September gun purchases.

• October 12, 2013:

For a true glimpse under America’s rock, I recommend reading police blotter reports. Lots of items of interest in this one out of Sullivan County, but I call your attention to this item:

Police were called about a man making threats to the caller’s family. Dispatch was asked to conduct a welfare check because the man who made the threats had been suicidal. He told the caller if he wasn’t heard from in three days to send help. Caller advised the subject had, “several AK’s,” and was suicidal. The caller said the subject wanted suicide by cop and would pull guns on officers. Caller advised the male was, “very unstable and is a danger to everyone.”

The gun loonz have yet to explain how it’s in anybody’s interest to allow crazy people to have AK-47s.

• October 10, 2013:

1- A woman entering the Metro Courthouse in Nashville “forgot” she was carrying a gun in her purse. She didn’t have a permit, either.

The woman, identified by police as 30-year-old Sara Mitchell, did not have a permit, and she was issued a misdemeanor citation for unlawful carrying or possession. She told police she didn’t realized the gun was inside her purse.

Security said it was the fourth gun they have found during screenings this year.


2- Also in Nashville, a U.S. postal worker was shot with an air soft gun while delivering the mail:

The mail woman told police she was delivering mail on the 1000 block of Harold Drive when she felt like she had been shot in the shoulder.

She told police that she turned around and saw a man, later identified as 22-year-old Michael Gordon, standing by his house holding an air soft gun and smiling.

He told police he didn’t mean to shoot her.

The worker wasn’t seriously hurt, but suffered a big welt on her shoulder.

Gordon was arrested and charged with assault. His bond was set at $5,000.

3- In Chattanooga, a trial is underway in a road rage shooting incident from 2011. The deets:

Kevin Chitty is charged with attempted 2nd degree murder and aggravated assault. Police say Chitty shot Jerry Martin after he rear-ended his truck. When Martin tried to leave the scene, Chitty opened fire, hitting Martin in the face and neck.

Chitty had a valid gun permit at the time of the shooting, of course. Martin is now paralyzed for life. Cue obvious “Chitty-Chitty-bang-bang” jokes.

• October 9, 2013:

1- A brand-new Academy Sports retail store in Collierville was the scene of an accidental gun discharge when Fred C. Kuhl III pulled his .357 magnum revolver from its holster with his finger on the trigger.

2-  A family’s pet horse named Charlie, dubbed a “gentle giant” who “loved people, especially children,” was shot to death by an unknown person in, of all places, Horse Creek. The horse was in its fenced-in yard. The family is heartbroken.

• October 5, 2013:

In Lexington, Tenn., thieves who burglarized a home got away with several rifles — including one with a broken safety:

“It’s not safe to be out there, I mean even if someone was just going to use it for hunting it’s not safe to take because if you have it loaded you can trip and fall and it’ll go off and the next thing you’ll know you’re hunting partner or kid is no longer there,” owner Brett Skinner said.

“Without knowing, that gun could go off anytime and it could hurt somebody,” Williams said.

Which begs the question: what were they doing with it in the first place?


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2 responses to “Tennessee Gun Report

  1. “Security said it was the fourth gun they have found during screenings this year.”

    Which is WHY the TN lege, when it’s not too busy creatin’ jobs and givin’ them welfare cheats another freebie, should be passin’ laws makin’ it LEGAL to carry guns onto planes. Fuckin’ TSA! Whyn’t they goin’ after reel crimnulz!?

    Do you know what your gunz column does every week, Southern Beale? It points up two things.

    One; there’s a lot of incredibly stupid or deranged people wit teh gunz.

    Two; you’re only telling us about the ones that make the news.

    • you’re only telling us about the ones that make the news.

      Not even that. I don’t have time to read every single newspaper in the state. And I don’t post a lot of stuff I find that is just superfluous. Nor do I post typical gun crime stories, unless it’s really exceptional.