Good News Friday

Huzzah, patriots! Our long national nightmare is … postponed for three months! Republicans took their licking, but they’re already planning a return to their old tricks next year. These people never give up, because conservatism can never fail, it can only be failed by RINOs. Lather, rinse, repeat.

For some delicious schadenfreude, enjoy this Tea Party Insult Generator, culled from actual insults posted to John Boehner’s Facebook wall. Internet, you have too much time on your hands.

Here’s a round-up of some other good news. Enjoy:

There’s a lunar eclipse tonight.

• Rep. Randy Neugebauer apologized for berating a National Park Service employee over the shuttered World War II Memorial.

• The Houston Chronicle regrets the error of endorsing Ted Cruz.

• Brayton Point, New England’s largest and dirtiest coal-fired power plant, will close by 2017.

•  They found Yeti. It’s real.

• California becomes the first state in the nation to ban all lead bullets for hunting. This has been a long-cherished dream for environmentalists since forever. Lead bullets are extremely toxic and damaging to wildlife and the environment.

• In North Carolina, the Buncombe County Register of Deeds says he will accept same-sex couples’ marriage licenses. Buncombe County is home to the liberal enclave of Asheville.

• Related: a retired United Methodist bishop from Tennessee will officiate a same-sex wedding in Birmingham, AL, despite that state’s ban on gay marriage.

• Also related: in France, that country’s highest court has ruled that mayors cannot refuse to hold same-sex marriage ceremonies. Same-sex marriage was legalized in France back in May but some mayors and registrars protested and demanded a “conscience clause.”

• New charges have been filed against Blackwater contractors in the deadly 2007 shootings in Baghdad’s Nisoor Square in which 17 civilians were killed, including women and children.


• Gun loons decided holding a “Guns Save Lives Day” on the anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre made them look like assholes. They’ve rescheduled the event.


• Nancy Pelosi was inducted into the Women’s Hall of Fame.

• Once called “The Stinky,” the Chicago River has been cleaned up and transformed into the city’s newest urban playground.

This story was bizarre, straight out of a movie plot. In India, a child got separated from his family in a busy train station, went on to be raised in a series of orphanages and became a police officer. Now an adult, he was able to track down his birth family based only on a tattoo.

I’m just amazed a six-year-old could get lost in a train station and never find his family again.

Good News, Tennessee Edition:

• Knoxville will offer domestic partner benefits to same-sex couples, the second city in the state to do so.

Chattanooga was named one of the Top 100 Best Places to Live by

This week’s cool video: you might have caught this on CBS News when it first aired, but I missed it. I love the idea of a photographer bringing strangers together. So cool:


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7 responses to “Good News Friday

  1. 2aimai

    Dear Southern Beale, I don’t comment here much because it requires me to remember my wordpress account and sometimes I can’t but I wanted to leave you a comment to tell you how much I enjoy your site and how often I read it. I came here this morning from your self link at balloon juice and I love this feature of good news on friday though I almost think I’d like it better on Monday night–that seems to be when I need good news!–I am sending the piece on the man who photographs strangers to everyone I know.Its really uplifting and beautiful.

  2. Southern Beale, thanks for the video to the New York photographer. That really made my day.

  3. Kyle

    Banning lead bullets is a big thing. Not only are California Condors and other wildlife poisoned by them, but they have detrimental effects on shooters. Maybe in a few years we’ll discover that lead poisoning contributed to the violent and stupid mentality of gun nuts.

  4. I watched the video of the photographer and, being a photographer, I was totally smitten with the whole notion of people who are NOT familiar with one another allowing themselves to be that open with a stranger.

    I was having dinner with a friend of many years recently. He is quite successful in his chosen career; married to a woman he loves without reservation and admired and respected by his peers and many people he’s only spoken to in a professional setting or in a few moments of time during an airline flight and the like. I’m pretty much the opposite in most ways. No wife, no kids, no job, no money, no “legacy”–but we have been friends for over 37 years in spite of our differences.

    One of the things he said to me the other night is that he knows few people who have my tendency to engage complete strangers in conversation and draw them out–without intending to gain some positional advantage. He says it is both a blessing and a curse, in his opinion. I agree. I tend to think of myself as being like a Lucky Strike or Chesterfield cigarette–no filters. I would rather be who I am and live my life than try to be someone else and live a lie. When I see someone else who is willing to let barriers fall and act as if other people ARE equals, it makes me hopeful.

  5. I’d been meaning to thank you for doing “Good News Fridays”. I miss Phila’s posts in general, but especially the finds he used to post when he did something similar.

    I rarely stop in at Atrios’ comment section nowadays, in large part because of the eventual departure of commenters such as Phila – what a variety of voices that place used to have!

    Is there any idea what happened to Phila? His last post was in March 2012. I left a comment there some time ago asking about him, but he had moderation on, and I don’t think anyone was/is home at the blog. Hope he’s doing well IRL.

    • I don’t know what happened to Phila. I definitely stole the Good News Friday idea from him — in fact, at the start I’d give him credit and link to Bouphonia and the Friday Hope Blogging posts. I stopped when he started doing them sporadically instead of weekly.

      I don’t comment at Atrios anymore since they switched to Disqus, my ‘puter can’t handle Disqus because of all the ad blocking and similar stuff I have plugged in and it’s too much hassle to disable all that for a comment. So really I have no idea but I wonder if Watertiger or some of the other regulars over there know?

      • Thanks. I won’t pursue the Phila thing most likely. He was getting increasingly ambivalent about internet activities toward the end, IIRC, and I’m guessing he just walked away.

        Sometime I might ask Thers or RMJ about him, since they had the most interaction with him back in the day (or so I seem to recall).

        Thanks again for doing Good News Friday.