Horrible Idea Du Jour, v. Eleventybillion

A Florida “entrepreneur” has launched a “gun-themed” fashion line for women and kids because c’mon, it’s Florida and why the hell not?

Kushlin loves shooting guns — and loves looking good — and she got tired of leaving gun trade shows empty-handed. She wanted to be able to purchase something feminine to show off that she’s a shooter, but never saw anything to buy.

Susan Kushlin decided to take matters into her own hands.

She created Gun Girls Inc., a fashion line offering an array of apparel and accessories designed exclusively for women. Her assortment includes $35 gold-toned bullet belts, $20 dangling gun earrings, $76 pink concealed-carry handbags and $21 rhinestone-studded tank tops bearing her company’s logo (with tanks in kids sizes to match mom), a gun in a holster belt.

As if we didn’t glorify guns enough already in pop culture as it is! But yes, do tell me how Hollywood is responsible for gun violence, I’m all ears. And as long as our kids are shooting other kids, I think offering “gun-themed fashion” for said kids is extraordinarily tone-deaf.

Then again, it’s Florida. What do you expect. The idiot state.

BTW … anyone shocked to learn this lady lives in a place called The Plantation?


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8 responses to “Horrible Idea Du Jour, v. Eleventybillion

  1. My God! How incredibly depressing!
    In fact, while she’s at it maybe she could design some stuff with electric chairs, lethal injections, and other methods of execution depicted on it? And make sure to do a children’s range!

  2. These are the sort of people who make me wonder if humans really deserve to prevail.

  3. Good Lord! That’s a real boner-killer! I’ll have to think of this lady the next time Girl Scouts come to the door while I’m laying on the couch day-dreaming.

  4. ThresherK

    If I were more awake I’d have something about “perfect camo for when the Army needs to go undercover at Victoria’s Secret”.