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Ed at Gin & Tacos nails it:

To refuse to buy On Principle is silly, in my opinion, but one’s choice. To form those principles based on fourth-hand information that was incorrect when it was first-hand is a symptom of two things. First, it shows how willingly the Teabagging rubes allow themselves to be screwed by their masters. Second, it emphasizes that for all their talk of freedom and demands to know The Truth, what these people really appear to want is to be force-fed information by their chosen mouthpieces like geese being fattened up for foie gras.

We’re treated to that worldview with annoying regularity over here thanks to my resident Memphis troll. It is amazing to me that some folks continue to regularly visit liberal sites with the equivalent of a “Kick Me” sign taped to their backs. I don’t get the point. Life inside the GOP cult isn’t pretty. If nothing else it shows how much Kool-Aid they’ve swallowed.

While Ted Cruz continues to deny he’s led the GOP off a cliff, new polls show the American people increasingly repelled not only by Republicans themselves, but Republican policies and the Republican worldview:

• Dems lead in the generic ballot matchup by 49-38. Among independents — a key midterm constituency — those numbers are 46-35.

* Only 21 percent of Americans approve of the way the Congressional GOP is handling the federal budget, versus 77 percent who disapprove. Among independents: 20-78. Among moderates: 14-85. Among seniors: 18-79. Fewer than one in three regard the GOP favorably.

* Only 20 percent think Republicans are “interested in doing what’s best for the country,” while 77 percent think they’re “interested in what’s best for themselves politically.” Among independents: 14-83. Among moderates: 18-81. Among seniors: 24-74.

* Americans blame the GOP for the shutdown by 53-29; moderates by 60-24; indys by 49-29; and seniors by 46-35.

Crucially, large majorities think the shutdown damaged the country. Eighty six percent say it has damaged the U.S.’s image in the world, and 80 percent say it damaged the U.S. economy. Those who predicted a shutdown/default crisis would underscore perceptions of the GOP as ideologically incapable of constructive governing have fresh evidence for that view.

* POLL SHOWS BROAD DISAGREEMENT WITH GOP: Additionally, the poll finds that in the aftermath of the shutdown, only small minorities share the GOP’s priorities when it comes to spending, taxes, and indeed basic governing norms:

* 54 percent agree with Obama that increasing the debt ceiling should not be used as a tool in budget negotiations; 40 percent agree with the GOP view that reducing the deficit should be part of debt ceiling agreements.

* Americans by 47-36 trust Obama over Congressional Republicans to get the balance right between cutting spending that is unnecessary and continuing needed spending.

* 59 percent agree that deficit reduction should include a combination of tax increases and spending cuts (the Dem position) versus only 37 percent who say only spending cuts (the GOP position).

The colossal trainwreck that is the Republican Party continues to chug through American politics. Ted Cruz is the gift that keeps on giving.


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6 responses to “Bubble Boys

  1. Do these sentiments have legs? The American electorate seems to have a very short memory.

    • Yes the American electorate has a very short memory but the Republican Party seems hell-bent on imploding every six months, like clockwork. I’m pretty certain as the 2014 midterms approach we’ll have Ted Cruz, Michelle Bachmann and the rest of the Clueless Caucus talking their horrendous BS, reminding us all why we hate them.

  2. To be honest, this is the only good thing that came out of Republicans’ shenanigans.
    PS… I really think what these people did to the country was seditious.

  3. These are merely public opinion polls, not the ones that matter on election day. Notwithstanding dismal poll numbers, there is still nothing to cheer about: This GOP fringe represents a resurgence of McCarthyism and everything dark and disturbing about America.

  4. GregH

    Ted Cruz is the worst, most egomaniacal, most purely pandering demagogue I’ve ever seen. I know I should NEVER saw this, but how could anyone be more self-serving and worse for the country than this asshat?