Speaking Of Charlatans

Last week that smarmy huckster Joel Osteen Tweeted this:


Umm …… no. Just …. aaagh. What an idiot.

I can’t believe this fraud has such a huge following. Then again, yes I can. Look at all the idiots who re-tweeted and favorited this bullshit.


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2 responses to “Speaking Of Charlatans

  1. Is that twitter by twit Osteen in reference to something in particular. It could be about almost anything.

    Joel Osteen is a fucking conman and his followers are asshats and morons.

  2. Mike G

    He’s a “good bidnessman” by the Texas definition. He’s found a large, slack-jawed audience who are wowed by self-flattering fortune-cookie aphorisms and are willing to pay big for it.