Money Is The Root Of All Evil & The Rich Are Not Our Betters

Dark money trying to sway our elections, what could possibly go wrong:

WASHINGTON — Well-known corporate chiefs funded illegal “dark money” contributions to groups in the Koch brothers’ political network that were involved in Thursday’s record campaign finance settlement in California, according to settlement documents.

Members of the Fisher family, founders of the Gap clothing chain, plowed more than $8 million into a dark money campaign in California’s 2012 elections, partially redacted documents show. The money went toward defeating Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax increase, Proposition 30, and supporting the anti-union Proposition 32, according to the documents, which list donors to Americans for Job Security, a group that handled contributions in the campaign.

Those documents also show that Charles Schwab, founder of Charles Schwab Corp., donated $6.4 million through Americans for Job Security. Philanthropist Eli Broad, who publicly backed Brown’s tax increase proposition, made a $500,000 contribution, according to the documents. Las Vegas Sands Corp. CEO Sheldon Adelson and his wife gave a combined $500,000. Crossroads GPS, the dark money nonprofit founded by Karl Rove, chipped in $2 million.

Gosh I’m so old, I remember when The Gap was born out of the counterculture movement.

You need to read the whole piece because it’s just one fucking jaw-dropping revelation after another.

Here’s the thing: Prop 30, a ballot measure to increase taxes to fund education, passed. Prop 32, an anti-union measure which would have drastically affected how donations to unions are made, was defeated. All of those millions of dollars spent to defeat or pass ballot measures, wasted. Not to mention all of the millions and millions spent to defeat President Obama and various Congressional races.

If these bazillionaires are supposedly our betters, if their vast wealth supposedly proves how smart they are, and if we’re supposed to just roll over for them, why do they keep wasting millions and millions of dollars on lost causes? Doesn’t the fact that they keep wasting their money on campaigns that are so clearly what the people don’t want evidence of how out of touch they are from the American people?

Be not surprised that notorious California conservative operative/ratfucker Tony Russo is behind this craptacular waste of money:

The contributions were orchestrated by California political consultant Tony Russo to help big donors hide their identities when supporting his campaign against Proposition 30 and for Proposition 32. Those who wanted their contributions to be disclosed could give to the Small Business Action Committee, the group directly running the campaigns for the ballot initiatives. Those who did not want publicity were directed to give to Americans for Job Security, which planned an advertising campaign on the two ballot initiatives.

(Why do donors need to hide their identities? If you aren’t doing anything wrong ….!)

The Republican Party is basically one giant grift machine. Millions and millions of dollars thrown down the toilet. But you know Russo Marsh & Rogers got their fees. Oh, yeah. This system ain’t broken, not for the people who profit off of it.

Kinda makes you wonder what Eli Broad, the Fisher family, and especially notorious lost-cause financier Sheldon Adelson are thinking. Adelson is the idiot who sent $5 million to Newt Gingrich’s obviously sinking campaign. If you guys don’t show better judgement than this, why the hell should we listen to you about anything?

Eagerly await the day when these idiots all go bankrupt.


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3 responses to “Money Is The Root Of All Evil & The Rich Are Not Our Betters

  1. Money is not actually the root of all evil. Greed is the root of all evil, money’s just a way to measure it’s level.

    I’ve known some pretty wealthy people and a lot who were, by my standards, rich but, in reality, solidly middle class. Every one of them has a setpoint for fearing that they don’t have enough. For a lot of people that setpoint is immutable beyond the basic, “Live in a safe, comfortable place; eat wholesome and nourishing food and not be at the mercy of a landlord or bank”. For too many, though, it is “Every fucking bit of resources that I can corral, because if anybody else gets any, I won’t get enough.

    Back when I still went to church (long after I stopped believing in gods) I went to a Unity church in Massachusetts. Many of the people there, including the minister, were folks I had known for years. They gravitated to Unity because it was more welcoming and supportive but less patriarchal and judgmental than other churches that they had attended.

    There was a sort of modified “Prosperity Gospel” in place there and a shitton of woo merchants went through the place in the five years or so that I attended. I followed the guidelines of Al-anon and other 12 step programs, taking what I needed and ignoring the rest. Prosperity Gospel always sounded like bullshit and gibberish to me but the idea of “Lack Mentality” is one I completely agree with. If you live in fear of never having ENOUGH, you never will have enough.

    • I used to go to a Unity Church, went for years and yeas. I still attend services here in Nashville on occasion. I can see how some churches would channel the teachings into a prosperity gospel direction, but at its root it’s really not. It’s a very basic philosophy, that we create our reality. Taken to its woo-woo conclusion it’s “The Secret” and other New Age spiritualism. In the other direction it’s basic Zen detachment. I’m an absolute believer in the basic tenet, which I think of as a universal truth — that we create our own reality. That doesn’t necessarily mean if you keep thinking “I am going to win the Powerball Jackpot” that you’re going to win the Powerball Jackpot. Because as you point out, the Jackpot is just the outward manifestation of something else. You don’t really want to win the Powerball, what you actually want is … {fill in the blanks: freedom from worry, the ability to realize a dream such as world travel or starting one’s own business, etc.} Focusing on the superficial instead of the end result tends to lead people in the wrong direction.

      The reason I switched from Unity to the Presbyterian church were many but I wasn’t comfortable with a lot of the superficial stuff at Unity, I thought the whole “metaphysical interpretation of the Bible” focused on the wrong things and mostly I thought Unity was way too “me” centered and not sufficiently “we” centered.

      But I liked the services, the positive atmosphere and the meditations. I liked that it was a welcoming place.

  2. Mike G

    Rich people and doctors I’ve worked with share similar traits. They are highly knowledgeable in their field (radiology, their particular line of business, etc.), are highly rewarded monetarily and in social status and develop huge egos, thus start to believe they are smart, knowledgeable and good at everything they do (flying light planes, bicycle racing, political donations). Inevitably they lose lots of money and sometimes their lives before they figure out that they aren’t.