Fundie RWNJ Admits Climate Change Is Man-Made


“We’ve made God angry by allowing abortion! Abortion causes climate change!” claims Barton.

Barton claims that we opened the door to losing God’s protection over our environment by supporting abortion which, he says, will lead to just killing everybody anyway.



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7 responses to “Fundie RWNJ Admits Climate Change Is Man-Made

  1. GregH

    AIDS is God’s wrath on homosexuals (well, really just gay men, since lesbians are pretty mostly protected from sexual transmission of HIV), so it follows the climate change is God’s wrath on us for abortion. God is mad at the liberals in the U.S. for allowing abortion, so he drowns a tens of millions of Bangladeshis and rewards Greenlanders by opening up their mineral wealth to mining (as their glaciers melt). God’s aim with those thunderbolts or whatever it is needs some work!

    • I doubt that the locals in Greenland are going to be the ones getting rich. And if they do, depending on the treaties that they have with Denmark, etc., they will be swimming in cash but not clean water.

      • GregH

        Actually, their woman prime minister in Greenland seems to have the situation in hand – they are requiring local hiring quotas and passing royalties back the communities impacted by any mining exploration…and going slow. The minerals aren’t going anywhere by themselves. 🙂

    • Never quite followed that Pat Robertson line of thinking, now that you mention it. God is mad at liberals for allowing abortion and yet he sends crazy tornados and hurricans to red areas as well as blue ones. Trying to understand what the message is when drought in Texas is so severe, the entire state is on fire, and Georgia is trying to steal Tennessee’s water.

  2. Kosh III

    “AIDS is God’s punishment for homosexuality.” Rev. Jerry Foul…er Falwell
    Heard it myself back in the early 80’s on his TV program.

  3. C B

    Since you brought it up, I’ll just insert a point of clarification here. It’s not Georgia that’s trying to steal Tennessee’s water, it’s Atlanta. Doesn’t matter if it’s Lawrenceville, or even Gainesville, or the statehouse downtown on the postmark, it’s Atlanta. The over-development is so bad there that they tried a few years ago to ship their medical waste to Taliaferro (pronounced ‘Toliver’) County, over 100 miles to the east, but were met at the border by unrepentant and unwilling locals. I loved it when I lived there, but that was close to 40 years ago, when you didn’t have to pack a lunch to get from the eastern to the western suburbs.