Julia Hurley Lost Her Insurance

That’s pretty much all you need to know about the former Republican state rep/dog surfer, who has written an Obamacare op-ed (excerpted here).

In it, Hurley states that since she lost her job and got dumped by her insurance company, she is rethinking Obamacare. As so often happens with Republicans, all bets are off once the plight of the plebes lands on their doorstep. Suddenly the social safety net isn’t the “hammock” they thought it was.

Hurley makes one good point:

I am a conservative Republican who believes in providing a future for myself without government involvement. I have been unemployed for nearly 14 months. Unable to collect unemployment and unwilling to take government assistance, I have spent nearly all my savings and, unless an employment option arrives, soon will be spending my retirement savings as well.

[…] If the Republican Party continues to fight Obamacare without offering an alternative, I fear the failure of my party is inevitable. The expectation of personal responsibility is being outweighed by the overwhelming number of unemployed voters, uninsured voters and, to be honest, voters without hope who are tired of being told to just hang in there a little longer because things will get better.

Well, join the club, honey. Yes, we’ve all been dying to know what the Republican healthcare plan is. Cue the *crickets*, right?

Then she says this:

If the Democratic Party continues to provide everything for a voter without encouraging some personal responsibility, I fear a gap between taxpayers and beneficiaries will open so wide that our government will not be able to repair the financial damages.

While I do not support the premise of Obamacare, I can fully understand the frustration of the unemployed, uninsured American. I cannot judge those who choose to use the program, for I know exactly what it is like to need it.

Gosh, I’m so old, I remember when Republicans sold the individual mandate as a “personal responsibility provision.” I mean seriously, Julia?

I still think Julia Hurley is an idiot, but she’s the kind of idiot who’s slowly starting to realize that Obamacare sure beats “I don’t care.”


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9 responses to “Julia Hurley Lost Her Insurance

  1. I’m not picking up on any contrition from Julia. It sounds more to me like she is so desperate to get help before having to burn through her retirement fund (gee–wish I’d had that option) that she’s prepared to join us Democrats in our “irresponsibility.”

    I’m happy Julia has Obamacare to turn to, but the hell with her and her party.

  2. I had a retirement and a 401k and cashed them both out long ago. I now live in a half finished house with lots of high interest debt and I’m happier than I ever was when I had that job with the bennies. Of course I do have the advantage of being enrolled in the completely socialistical commonist health plan called the VA.

  3. OzarkHillbilly

    In my experience idiots are incapable of learning anything. As it seems she has learned something here I propose a different term for her and her ilk:

    OK, I give up, idiot it is.

  4. For God’s sake, when you mentioned dog surfer, I imagined she must be an OC republican. Dog surfing is a growing and exciting sport or activity, call it what you will. It’s a heap of fun. The biggest competition is held at the Via de la Valle Del Mar Dog beach every summer. Some of the champion surfing dogs are also local therapy dogs at the hospitals, convalescent and LTC homes.

  5. With which premise of the ACA does she not agree? That all Americans should have health insurance? That people should receive preventative care so that they don’t get sick as a dog (can’t surf anymore) and end up in the emergency room…and drive up the cost of healthcare? That the rising cost of healthcare needs to be contained? That insurance should cover birth control? That doctors should be compensated for improving patient health, not the number of tests they order? I get the feeling that Republicans believe that access to healthcare is a privilege and not a right, and that they are not overly concerned with the fractured, complicated, and expensive healthcare system that we have.

    • You’re giving her to much credit for owning a rational mind. Her op-ed was an exercise in self-hatred when she realized that nobody really needed anything that she was doing enough to pay her.

  6. Mike G

    The Republican mantra:
    “It’s not a problem until it’s MY problem.”

    And even then, they’ll insist they are superior to those OTHER people with the same problem. Because…Jesus. And Freedom.