Tennessee Gun Report

Mostly just the usual shootings and neighborhood violence this week. Progress?

• November 12, 2013:

1- A part-time Fayette County deputy’s service weapon was stolen from his vehicle while he was visiting Memphis:

“A part-time deputy got his car broken into in the middle of the day,” said Kurt Galbraith. “Someone had popped his lock.”

Galbraith is friends with Fayette County Deputy Chip Pleasant.

Galbraith said it took five minutes for the thieves to break in Pleasant’s car and snatch his wallet and .38 caliber handgun, the same weapon Pleasant uses on the job.

“They took off in a black Hummer H3,” said Galbraith.


2- Another Memphis student is arrested for bringing a gun to school.

• November 7, 2013:

1- Should a gun store be allowed to open across the street from an elementary school? Some Kingsport folks say no and are asking the Board of Alderman to deny the requested zone change. You know, you can’t sell alcohol that close to an elementary school, either.

2- Creepy:

Knoxville police say a school resource officer saw 18-year-old Jonathan Scales smoking a cigarette outside Central High School’s office on Thursday.

The officer asked to see an ID. When Scales couldn’t give them one, police say he got squirrely and ran away.

Two officers arrested him after a brief struggle; neither were injured. They searched the suspect and found a loaded revolver in his backpack.

• November 4, 2013:

A Chattanooga man says he got into dealing illegal guns to gang members in order to save the family farm.

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