Second Amendment Hero Du Jour

Most responsible evah, etc. etc.:

WILKESBORO, N.C. — Police in Wilkesboro are looking for the man who they say accidentally fired a gun in a store during a discussion on the Second Amendment.

The incident happened Tuesday evening in the GNC store on Winkler Street.

Police say the man pulled out his gun to show an employee when he accidentally shot a printer.

According to the police report, the man told the store employee he “could not go down for this,” and left.

Anyone with information should call the Wilkesboro Police Department at (336) 667-7277.



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8 responses to “Second Amendment Hero Du Jour

  1. greennotGreen

    Good thing I don’t own a gun because there have been many times I would have shot a printer, too.

  2. 2nd Amendment discussion in a GNC? They sell ammo along with protein bars?

    • Hey it’s North Carolina.

      Looked this story up, looks like it was a traditional GNC vitamin place, not a gun store. You know, those places attract the muscle-builder crowd, folks who are juiced up and ‘roided up and whatnot.

      I would guess.

  3. In related news, ExChiefie Kessler got <750 votes* in the election last week for Schulkill County Sheriff:

    To top off the Sundae of Schadenfreudlishisness, he got beat by a margin of about 30:1 by a demoncrat.

    * Write-In votes were not carved out by candidate.

  4. Remember how you used to be at school lunch court, or at a party or just at someone’s house and somebody would bring their new guitar to show everyone? And you would just admire the craftmanship and the musicality of the instrument. Test the tuning. Give it a strum.

    That’s the way these idiots look on guns. Some kind of beautiful toy. Every day is Christmas with the right gun of the month.