Good News Friday

Horrible news, people. My laptop keyboard has bit the dust, and I’m forced to type on an ancient contraption, which is making my life miserable today. I therefore have only an abbreviated good news section this week as I’m typing impaired.

China will close its labor camps and ease its one-child policy, supposedly.

• A so-called “Asian unicorn” has been spotted in a remote part of Vietnam.

• A Pennsylvania newspaper apologized yesterday for calling Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address “silly” and has retracted that opinion piece of 150 years ago. Maybe someday the New York Times will apologize for all of those Judith Miller pieces about Iraq.

• Democrat Mark Herring has won the Virginia Attorney General’s race. The race was close and went into recount mode.

• Speaking of elections: remember crazy gun loon/YouTube sensation/ex-police chief Mark Kessler? He lost his bid to become the Schuylkill County (Pa.) sheriff. To a Democrat. Bwaaahaa.

• It may not pass but we ladies sure as hell do appreciate the effort. Thank you, Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal and all of the Democrats who co-sponsored the Women’s Health Protection Act.

• TVA is closing eight coal-powered plants in Alabama and Kentucky. The bad news: two in Kentucky are being replaced with natural gas plants.

• Sweden is closing its prisons, finding rehabilitation produces better results than incarceration. Imagine that. We used to the believe that here in the U.S., once upon a time, and then Amygdala America decided we weren’t being mean enough. Because being mean always works, right?

Good News, Tennessee Edition:

Disney is hosting an open casting call for the new Star Wars movie in Nashville. Sadly, I’m too old to try out.

• Memphis hip-hop artist Al Kapone joins the anti-gun violence effort Memphis Gun Down.

• First adoption of a pit bull in Nashville from Metro Animal Control. Congratulations, Hope!

On Veterans Day, 92-year-old D-Day vet Arthur Ricker received an honorary high school diploma from Sunnyside High School.


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3 responses to “Good News Friday

  1. OzarkHillbilly

    “• Democrat Mark Herring has won the Virginia Attorney General’s race. The race was close and went into recount mode.”

    Correction: Democrat Mark Herring won the election for Virginia Attorney General. To actually win the race however he must first convince a Republican dominated Election Board not to change the rules again, then convince a majority of conservative justices to stay out of it, and then he must convince a Republican dominated legislature to acquiesce to the will of the people.

    Needless to say, his prospects do not look favorable.

  2. ThresherK

    From CT, I accept your gratitude on behalf of Sen. Blumenthal. While he was just a mere state official he proved himself to give a damn about the whole gummint thing. He’ll continue to do us proud in the senate. (Now, how many years of him do we need to erase all memories of Joe Lieberman?)

  3. GregH

    Mark Kessler is a completely compelling argument for stricter gun control all by his lonesome. Some might argue that court-ordered psychotropic medication is in his future, as well.