Destined For YouTube

Just got a dispatch from the Bands of America grand championships currently under way in Indianapolis. Apparently it featured one Minnesota high school performing a JFK assassination show. Complete with “grassy knoll prop” and the color guard spinning their rifles as Kennedy is shot. If that sounds tacky, consider this: my source says two years ago, he saw a 9/11 marching band show at the same event.

So, this is how high school marching bands are trying to stay edgy these days? No wonder a blowhard football coach kicked one off the field.

So in other news, I got my new laptop yesterday. Still figuring out the bells and whistles. For example, in the middle of typing this I accidentally logged out of my computer system. I have no idea how the hell I did that. And WordPress has unleashed a fresh hell in my life. I can’t scroll down to check off categories anymore, I have no idea why. So now everything is going to be labeled “Housekeeping,” which is the default, because I can’t scroll down to the rest of the categories.

Sigh. Just shoot me now.


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2 responses to “Destined For YouTube

  1. SiubhanDuinne

    I’m horrified, but apparently this is nothing new:

    In 1993, at Princeton, the [Columbia University Marching Band] recreated the Magic Bullet Theory as put forth by the Warren Commission on the John F. Kennedy assassination, complete with band members representing scattering skull fragments.

    Other equally tasteless examples at

  2. I have heard various horror stories over the years about the Stanford University Marching Band, but they’ve been quiet lately. They aren’t always perfect angels, though.