The President’s Nominees Will Get An Up Or Down Vote

Harry Reid triggered the nuclear option.

Soooo … all of those folks clamoring for just this exact change to Senate rules way back in 2005 and 2006 — Focus on the Family, the Family Research Council, Bill Frist, even Mitch McConnell, etc. — they’re all thrilled right? Right?!

Don’t be ridiculous!


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13 responses to “The President’s Nominees Will Get An Up Or Down Vote

  1. Jim in Memphis

    So what was your view of this rule change when Frist and company were considering it? i know most of the Democratic Senators at the time were against it. What about you? And do you think it is a good idea to make the change now?

    • You do what you’ve got to do to get this Congress working again. We have TRIED playing the game by the rules, and look what the Repubs did. and……what about the House’s new rule that ONLY Cantor (or someone in his position) can present legislation up for debate or vote?? Where’s the balance in that???

      • I’ve linked to this before, but Norm Ornstein did a great piece on the filibuster a few years ago. Ever since the rule change which turned filibusters into fake filibusters, it’s been abused. Democrats definitely used it during the Bush years, but they were far too lily-livered to use it as a weapon the way Republicans have. Republicans are ruthless. They have no shame and have been happy to grind all Senate business to a halt just because they want to break the president.

        I have to wonder what those “Justice Sunday” events were really about. Beside the obvious, of course — public pressure to force a far-right judiciary — I think a lot of it was about amassing a mailing list and getting donations in advance of the 2006 midterms and 2008 presidential election.

        The filibuster is nowhere in the Constitution. Tea Partiers should be saying THANK YOU to Sen. Harry Reid for doing what Bill Frist would not or could not. That they aren’t speaks volumes.

      • Jim in Memphis

        I have no doubt that when Republicans are in the majority again in the Senate that they will make use of these rules and possibly even expand them to limit filibusters even more. There is a half decent chance that this will occur in 2014.

    • Jim in Memphis

      Judi, do you think Republicans in the House will respond by refusing to pass any legislation that the Senate passes until this rule is reversed? Not sure that would be much different than what is occurring now though. As to who can present legislation, isn’t that pretty much how it is in the Senate? Only Reid gets to decide what will be brought up for a vote right? Otherwise I am sure some Republican would bring the Upton sponsored House bill up for a vote. I think several Democratic senators would be compelled to vote in favor of the Upton bill and it might even pass a simple majority vote.

    • ThresherK

      I’m sorry, but sixty percent of the board has not voted on allowing a vote to have your post to appear.

      Better luck next time.

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  3. “There is a half decent chance that this will occur in 2014.”-Jim

    This is why Conservatives hate paying taxes. It cuts into thier ability to make lousy wagers. See ya in Vegas Jim.

    • GregH

      Jim only goes to Tunica! You should know that!

      • Jim in Memphis

        I have been to both. I can guarantee that nobody would accept a wager that the Republicans will never be in control of the Senate again. It may not occur in 2014, but it will occur someday despite the hopes of SB that the Republican party is dying. A lot will be determined with how well the ACA performs in actually delivering healthcare for people (at least for the people that manage to sign up). It is pretty clear that the website will not be 100% functional by the end of November, so another deadline missed there. If they do not get the payment processing feature running by December 15th, then people will not be able to pay for their coverage that is supposed to start on January 1st. I wonder what the payment delay to doctors will be? I wonder what type of system is in place for a doctor’s office to verify that someone actually has insurance before rendering services? Then of course around November of 2014 you will have a lot of company policies like mine that will no longer be grandfathered in so you will have a repeat of the cancellation notices going out right at election time for all of those millions of workers who thought they would be able to keep the insurance they liked. A lot is up in the air for the 2014 midterms and I bet there are several Democratic Senators that are not happy with the way things look right now.

  4. Next on the list – Dems in the house need to start circulating discharge petitions to get majority supported legislation past Dictator Boehner.