That OTHER Guy Who Died In Late November

While the rest of the country spent yesterday remembering John F. Kennedy and reflecting on his legacy and the assassination which traumatized a nation, some folks in Middle Tennessee spent the day honoring someone else:

SMYRNA, Tenn. –- “Sam Davis, a Hero Remembered” will commemorate the 150th anniversary of the capture, trial and execution of Sam Davis beginning Friday, Nov. 22, at his historic home.

The commemoration will last through Sunday, Nov. 24.

Events begin with a bus ride to the Sam Davis monument at the Tennessee State Capitol building at 11:30 a.m., Friday, Nov. 22, for a memorial. State Sen. Douglas Henry will serve as the keynote speaker. The return trip to the Sam Davis Home will also include several Coleman Scouts related sites.

Here’s a picture from Friday’s event (click to enlarge):


Sam Davis, who near as I can tell was no relation to president of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis, was a Confederate soldier who was captured by Union forces on November 20, 1863, charged with being a spy, and executed on November 27. He was a native of Rutherford County, which is just south of Nashville. There’s a monument to him at the state capitol here in Nashville, which is where the above photo was taken.

Can I just say how incredibly off that sounded to me? To do this on the day that the entire nation was remembering Kennedy? Especially in light of how connected the Kennedy legacy is to this nation’s civil rights battle, it just seemed really wrong to see people carrying Confederate flags at the state capitol yesterday.

I cannot imagine what these folks were thinking. They had a whole freaking week to honor Sam Davis. Kennedy gets one day. Y’all couldn’t wait a day?


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9 responses to “That OTHER Guy Who Died In Late November

  1. Joseph Stans

    So what is special about the picture; Shabby white guys with confederate flags standing in line at, instead of a soup kitchen, a monument to a traitor. they are all over the South. they have one in BHM to the first Confederate officer to wash his hands after using a toilet. (1958)

  2. …I would imagine that they do it so that they don’t have to memorialize that ‘bastard catholic yankee’ Kennedy…

  3. ‘While the rest of the country’
    If by ‘rest of the country’ you mean old liberals then this is accurate. A good deal of the rest of us didn’t give a shit.

    • Dear Untermensch Stevie:

      If you think you’re performing some sort of public service by proving how stupid teabaggists are, well, we didn’t need your help on that one. If you’re trying to “make your bones” with whatever little hategruppen you’re applying to for membership then you need to step up your game.

      If you’re looking for abuse, which would be my default judgment, then there are 900 numbers you can dial for that. I know that they charge by the minute but the level of invective and humiliation is worth every penny of it to the people, like you, who seem to crave that sort of attention.

  4. I cannot imagine what these folks were thinking.

    Sure you can; you’re just too polite to mention what they were thinking.

  5. “I cannot imagine what these folks were thinking.”

    We don’t have to, Stevie will help us out with that.

  6. stinger

    Phooey, just another way to pretend that the Lost Cause was about something noble.

    When I read the post title, I thought maybe someone was celebrating the OTHER other guy who died in late November.

    • Since teh googol bought youtube, have been personally going completely insane with the possibilities. Just listened to the entire White Album last night with my woman. Googoled While My Guitar Gently Weeps a couple of times before that. Abbey Road, just about anything you can think of. Come Together.

      How about someone who was born November, 27, 1942? My own grandson was born exactly seventy-two years later! Some things are sacred.