Nope, No Racism Here

Oh, FFS:

NASHVILLE (News Sentinel) – A Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper disciplined in 2009 for sending a racist message through the state’s email system has retired after being disciplined again for refusing to allow Tennessee’s only black female appellate judge to enter the state Supreme Court building, according to the Department of Safety and Homeland Security.

Trooper Brent Gobbell, who had four prior disciplinary actions on his record, was reprimanded and docked a day’s pay for turning away Court of Criminal Appeals Judge Camille McMullen when she tried to deliver paperwork for a judicial colleague on June 14, according to the official discipline memo from Safety Commissioner Bill Gibbons. He has since retired, a department spokeswoman said.

“Upon Judge McMullen presenting you with her official judicial identification card, you refused to take it into your possession and verify its authenticity. Instead, you told Judge McMullen, ‘Those are easy to come by.’ You were implying that her identification card could possibly be fraudulent without knowing what kind of identification she was presenting,” Gibbons wrote.

Ex-Trooper Gobbell has a bright future ahead of him verifying ID’s at polling places.

As for that racist e-mail, a 2009 story reveals the following:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – A state trooper has been suspended for 15 days without pay and will be required to attend diversity training after he accidentally sent an e-mail proclaiming white pride to 787 state employees.

The e-mail from Trooper Brent Gobbell states, in part, “You rob us, carjack us, and shoot at us. But, when a white police officer shoots a black gang member … you call him a racist.” It also includes a list of racist epithets.

The message concludes, “There is nothing improper about this e-mail. Let’s see which of you are proud enough to send it on … BE PROUD TO BE WHITE!”

I am shocked that this guy wasn’t fired back in 2009. Seriously, WTF? This latest incident happened waaay back in June and I’m just hearing about it now? And he wasn’t fired, but allowed to “retire,” with all of the benefits which that implies?

I’m sorry, but are you fucking serious?


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8 responses to “Nope, No Racism Here

  1. yutsano

    Pointing this out just totes makes you teh real racist ya know.

    (And FYWP.)

  2. Look, Southern Beale, it’s understandable that some poor guy who’s never had the benefit of a liberal edumikashun wouldn’t know that blacks, ladies or black ladies could even BE judges. So, whyuhatin’on him?

    Oh, I’m sorry. I meant, what a fucking colossal asshole that guy is.

  3. Better late than never.
    Whatta maroon.

    No chance of him getting a gubernatorial nod, is there?

  4. Mike G

    Welcome to the wonderful authoritarian world of police immunity.

  5. Maybe they can put this on the doors of the TN Highway Patrol’s cruisers

    “Protego nostrum proxy dominatus quod ut servo nostrum corporatist vinco!”*

    * To protect our proxy tyranny and to serve our corporatist masters”.

  6. Mary Wilson

    Um, and as a female, I am appalled that this doofus got away with these sexist, ignorant, disrespectful insults of this Black FEMALE Judge TWICE.! What does this say about the administrators of the Highway Patrol?