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Apparently no one was responsible for the Sandy Hook shootings, according to the official report, because everyone is responsible. Sounds about right.

Hope everyone has a safe Thanksgiving. We got snow in Nashville yesterday (since melted) and are due for some sleet/freezing rain/snow type thing tonight. Hope it’s all gone before everyone needs to head out for family time.

Without further ado, your weekly round-up of Tennessee gun time fun time:

• November 26, 2013:

The local news this morning had a story about a Murfreesboro man who had his bike stolen at gunpoint last night. In the rain.

No links yet that I can find but man, that sucks.

• November 25, 2013:

1- Most responsible evah:

A 45-year-old Clinton man accidentally shot himself in the left index finger with a .357-Magnum when he tried to force a .38-caliber round into the weapon by tapping on it with his pocket knife, and the round went off.

2- A couple in North Memphis returned home to find their apartment robbed: flat screen TVs, jewelry, cash and, of course, 18 guns, all gone. Says the owner:

“If it comes back and something happens, it’s going to come to me, because they were mine. Somebody could lose their life over something I had. It is heartbreaking,” he said.

Yeah, it’s heartbreaking people are so fucking stupid they don’t have weapons stored where thieves can’t get at them. Idiot. You’re not the fucking victim here, asshole. We all are the victims.

Until there are repercussions for failing to safely secure their guns, people won’t have any incentive to behave responsibly.

• November 23, 2013:

Country singer Jerry Wayne Mills, “affectionately called “Wayne,” “(huh? Isn’t that his name?) was shot and killed in a Nashville bar this weekend:

Metro Police say that 44-year-old Wayne Mills was shot by the owner of Pit and Barrel bar at 515 2nd Avenue South. Police say that Mills and owner, Chris Ferrell got into a fight over Mills smoking in the bar.

Police say the preliminary investigation indicates that other people were inside the bar, but went outside during the altercation and then heard gunshots.

According to police, Ferrell claims he shot Mills out of self-defense.


Metro Police say Ferrell has a valid handgun carry permit.

Just another responsible gun owner reminding everyone that smoking kills.

• November 20, 2013:

1- An accidental/self-inflicted shooting in North Nashville claimed one life.

2- Also in Nashville: a man apparently stalking a woman was confronted by her husband and promptly shot himself in the foot:

The husband went outside to confront Fason, and noticed he was armed with a gun. The man struck Fason with his motorcycle helmet.

After the altercation, Fason went back to his car and fired several shots at the husband while he was attempting to flee the area.

The victim was struck once in the foot. His injuries were not considered life-threatening.


3- A non-fatal shooting in Clarksville was ruled accidental:

At about 11:50 a.m., Perry Clayton Story, 25, was shot in the head at the house in the 4000 block of Ashland City Road, according to previous reports.

Preliminary investigations show the victim and an acquaintance were handling a firearm when it went off, according to a news release Tuesday night from Jamie Dexter, a Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office spokesman.


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3 responses to “Tennessee Gun Report

  1. Joseph Stans

    It is possible that the rampant increase in gun ownership may solve it self after enough of the mouth-breathers kill or maim themselves.

  2. “A 45-year-old Clinton man accidentally shot himself in the left index finger with a .357-Magnum when he tried to force a .38-caliber round into the weapon by tapping on it with his pocket knife, and the round went off.”

    This sort of nonsense has been talked about for AT LEAST the last forty or fifty years. When I was a young teen-ager there were people arguing about whether you could fire .38 out of .357 revolvers (the answer is, in many cases, “Yes”, according to a wealth of sources) v firing a .357 out of a .38 revolver (the answer is, “Whattayou, a fuckin’ moron?”).

    What’s really bothersome about the whole debate is that people who have weapons that are perfectly capable of handling the ammunition that they were designed to fire should be used to fire other non-design ammunition–especially in the real world.

    Such incidents as the one you describe happening are exactly WHY a lot of idiotz wit teh gunz shouldn’t have them.