Happy Thanksgiving


Mr. Beale and I bugged out of the family get together early because we have a hockey game tonight (Go Preds!). That was a blessing because someone in the family decided it was a good idea to dress a 3-year-old in shoes which squeak every time the kid takes a step. After about five minutes I was ready to kill someone.

Here’s wishing all of my readers a wonderful, squeak-free Thanksgiving.


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5 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. I was with a friend and his family and ate and drank too much which made me feel like I had done my part to be MurKKKan.

    I will not be squeaking tonight, burbling perhaps, no squeaking.

    Love the artwork.

  2. ThresherK

    Every couple of years we go to the Norman Rockwell Museum in the Berkshires, and we’ve even hit the one in Rutland VT a couple times.

    Fascinated at the idea of how the Berkshires has changed (even when it’s not being overrun by flatlanders like me) and which Rockwell subjects would qualify as “redneck” in his depiction of social roles. They’re certainly in there.

    • Lotsa people moved to VT when they found out that you can own any and every gun you want*, sans a permit or application. Redneckism and gunzloonery are largely overlapping demographics.

      * Excepting the ones prohibited by the feds.

  3. jazzbumpa

    I like this one better.