Identity Theft Memory Hole

It’s very amusing that people have suddenly discovered the identity theft issue, but it’s really annoying that they only seem to care about it in relation to It’s not like your private insurance company doesn’t have all of this same information, folks, and it’s not like they are any less vulnerable to theft than Obamacare.

Let’s take a trip into the memory hole and go waay back to 2009. Oh lookie here: BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee had 57 hard drives containing unencrypted client identity information stolen from a closet at its Chattanooga office.

Or how about back in 2007, when thieves stole laptops containing the Davidson County voter rolls — which include everyone’s social security numbers?

We’re always hearing about data breaches at places like and PayPal. I need look no further back than October 2013 when the State of Tennessee, which processes my paychecks, lost all of my information — not just social security number and passport number but also my freaking bank account number, because I signed up for direct deposit. All of it … gone. Not only did I not get paid for an entire month but now I have to worry about what the hell happened to this sensitive information. Probably nothing, but should I take this risk?

Wingers are going nuts about the Obamacare website exposing people to identity theft, but it’s not like everyone’s information isn’t available to thieves in a thousand other ways, too. Identity theft isn’t new, and it isn’t something Obamacare has brought on.

I find this incredibly annoying.


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6 responses to “Identity Theft Memory Hole

  1. Mike G

    And they were SO SUPPORTIVE of Obamacare until this issue came up…not.
    It’s Tealiban complaint-of-the-day; it’s “I want to hate it, I just need to find a reason.” Tomorrow it will be some other manufactured anger; their point is to stoke the rage, and their goober followers aren’t looking for substantive arguments.

  2. jazzbumpa

    What Mike said.
    Plus – “I find this incredibly annoying. ”

    What do these morons ever do that isn’t incredibly annoying?


  3. “What do these morons ever do that isn’t incredibly annoying?”

    Well, some of them die, because they lack basic healthcare. I find this incredibly and ironically amusing.

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  5. deep

    Well, that’s what annoys me about all the criticism of the botched roll-out. I’ mean, I’m an avid gamer and I’m used to game companies having to patch the shit out of their games because they shipped too early and the game was filled with bugs.

  6. When Jeff Bezos has everyone’s GPS coordinates for his little Amazon delivery drones we’ll hear about the ingenuity of private enterprise. Not that they’ll have little NSA cameras rolling when they set down on your deck or anything.