Tennessee Gun Report

We’ve got a bumper crop of gun loonery this week, and some real tragedies. Without further ado, here’s your weekly Tennessee Gun Report.

• December 3, 2013:

A Roane County man died after accidentally shooting himself in the head while watching a Western on TV. His wife and daughter were in the room at the time, “dozing.”

• December 2, 2013:

1- A Kingsport man accidentally shot himself while buying a Christmas tree and is in critical condition:

Police say while he was getting a tree stand out of the back of his vehicle, a loaded 12-gauge shotgun lying in the back discharged and shot Bledsoe in the pelvic area.

Yikes, that sounds brutal.

2- A Decatur, TN ex-felon who was found to be in possession of three weapons, including a sawed-off shotgun, was sentenced to 42 months in Federal prison in relation to an accidental shooting that busted him back in October 2012.

Says our perp:

A tearful Brown said he had been able to start a business offering training and riding horses, “but because of one night everything I had is gone.”

The Meigs County Sheriff’s Office responded on Oct. 24, 2012, to his residence on Carl Holt Lane on a shooting call. Preston Miller, 18, had been shot in the thigh.

Brown said he had been handling a revolver and it went off. He said the teen had been interested in buying a gun from him and that it went off accidentally.

Um, no. Everything you had is gone because a) you’re a convicted felon who illegally owned weapons, b) you were careless with your weapons and an 18-year-old kid was shot in the thigh. Next time you get out of prison, stay away from the guns and you’ll be fine.

• December 1, 2013:

In Chattanooga, two children ages 3 and 5 were playing with a flare gun (WTF people???) and set a house on fire.

• November 30, 2013:

Thieves stole 27 guns — 24 handguns and three rifles or shotguns — from a Knoxville gun shop on Thanksgiving Day.

• November 29, 2013:

1- A Middle Tennessee man shot and killed his wife Thanksgiving night over an argument about his shoes.

2- A Murfreesboro cab driver pulled a gun on a customer over a dispute about a fare.

3- In Paris, police received calls about firearm thefts twice in two days:

In one burglary, two semi-automatic rifles and a bottle of liquor were stolen from a storage building on Sproul Heights Road in the past week.


The thief or thieves took two .223-caliber Doublestar AR-15 rifles with a total value of $2,000.

Also taken was a commemorative bottle of whiskey valued at $100.

The items were last seen between 5:30-6 p.m. Sunday.

In the most recent incident, a rifle was stolen from a Routon Street home during daylight hours Thursday.

4- The TSA’s Thanksgiving week travel report is up:

A stun gun was found in a carry-on bag at the Knoxville airport.

A loaded gun was found in a carry-on bag at the Memphis airport on Nov. 25.

A loaded gun was found in a carry-on bag at the Nashville airport on Nov. 27.

• November 28, 2013:

A University of Memphis student was arrested for carrying a loaded gun and several fully loaded magazines to class.

• November 27, 2013:

This story was so outrageous it made the national headlines: a 34-year-old Chattanooga man shot and killed a 72-year-old advanced Alzheimer’s patient who had been wandering around in freezing temperatures for hours. While the shooter was from Chattanooga, the incident occurred across the state line in Georgia. No charges have yet been filed.

The New York Times did an excellent in-depth piece on this tragedy, which is a must-read. Shooter Joe Hendrix is an Iraq war veteran and Tea Party asshole who last election served as spokesman for Republican congressional candidate Scottie Mayfield, who primaried Republican Chuck Fleischmann. In that capacity Hendrix once referred to President Obama as someone who “demonizes free enterprise and small-business owners.” He’s staying away from the media now, however.

What happened that night isn’t under dispute. Lost and disoriented, Ronald Westbrook had been wandering in the freezing cold with his two dogs for hours, collecting mail from neighbors mailboxes and finally ending up at Joe Hendrix’s house, where he rang the doorbell repeatedly in the early hours of the morning. Although Hendrix and his girlfriend were safe inside the home, doors locked, with 911 on the line and the police just minutes away, Hendrix decided to take matters into his own hands. He left the house, followed the old man around, and shot him. Says Westbrook’s widow:

“I understand the man who shot him is real upset, and I think he should be,” Mrs. Westbrook said in an interview. “He shot an innocent man. He should have stayed in the house like a normal person would.”

This is why I hate guns and gun loonz. Somehow when you people get a damn gun in your hands all common sense disappears. Someone ringing the doorbell in the middle of the night does not call for deadly force. I’m surprised Hendrix didn’t kill the man’s dogs, too. Asshole. I’m glad he’s upset, he should be. But he should also be in jail.


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18 responses to “Tennessee Gun Report

  1. Mary Wilson

    I do want to add one extremely sad gun death here in East Knoxville, a definite murder, on Saturday, Nov. 30th. A father of 8 children, wonderful friend and neighbor was shot and killed in front of his home as he returned from buying dinner for his family. The killer was on foot, not a ‘drive-by’ and there was no known criminal motive. This is the second gun death on this neighborhood street this year in our community. A vigil was held in the victim’s front yard last evening with many friends and neighbors attending.
    I pray for the family and all who have lost this friend who was self-employed and well loved. I wish we could force Ron Ramsey, Carr, Campfield, etc to attend this funeral.

  2. greennotGreen

    I’m still flabbergasted by the Alzheimer’s patient story, and it just struck me that if I saw an older person under-dressed for the weather in my backyard *with two dogs* that I wouldn’t be thinking burglar or home invasion. Of course, possibly the shooter didn’t see the dogs; possibly he just shot without seeing what he was shooting at, period. Silhouette in the dark – shoot it!

    On two occasions I have had men in my back yard at night who didn’t belong there. First case was probably a drunk (I lived down the street from a bar at the time) and I didn’t do anything about it at all (other than hose down the vomit I found on the sidewalk the next day.) The second case was several years later at another house – a guy exposing himself. I turned off the lights in my house, called the police, and never let go of the large screwdriver I had just been using. In neither case did it occur to me to go outside to confront these guys, and in neither case did I wish I had a gun so I could shoot them.

  3. deep

    The NY Times headline sums up the majority of Tea nuts:

    “One Man Lost and Impaired, the Other Fearful and Armed


    • Fearful and armed, EXACTLY. Just the way they want us to be. I used to have a bumper sticker which read “Fear Sells, Are You Buying?” Imagine if people were no longer afraid. We wouldn’t buy guns, gold or fund the world’s most expensive military.

      An op-ed piece in the Chattanooga paper summed it up well:

      “This is America, and America is not so scary a place that you need to haul your gun out and fire every time you see a hoodie, or hear a noise in your yard or on your porch. And the old idiom “shoot first and ask questions later” is just that: an idiom.”

      Stop the insanity, people. Stop being so fucking scared all the time. The gun loonz are the worst pants-wetters.

  4. GregH

    Christmas time is here! I saw a newspaper ad for an “optics-ready” AR-15 with a special deal for 3 30-shot magazines. Definitely a must-have Christmas gift in Tennessee! And just think of all the money TennCare will save on Alzheimer’s care! /s

  5. ““One Man Lost, Impaired, Fearful and Armed”

    is more like the SKKKrotalMurKKKanPatriotiKKK Front’s motto.

    The shooter in GA sounds like another Zimmerman. I have no idea about the firearms laws in GA but if the idiot who shot the man wasn’t licensed to carry in GA he could run into a problem.

    • You don’t need to be licensed if you’re at your domicile. SECOND AMENDMENT. Silly.

      I’m still unclear on what he was doing in Georgia. Chattanooga is basically on the state line and there are neighborhoods in Georgia that are basically suburbs of Chattanooga. I’ve read some reports which said he and his girlfriend were just staying at this house, and other reports saying that they had just moved in. If it was his home he’s OK.

      That said, Georgia and Tennessee probably have some kind of reciprocal “yer gunz iz mah gunz” agreement, anyway.

  6. One of the many inconsistencies of reason that I observe with teh gunzloonz is that they say we shouldn’t require regulation based on the low relative number of stupidents amongst gunzloonz BUT that we MUST suspect every black person and muslim on the PLANET based on the actions of a low relative number who have committed crimes.

  7. scampdog

    I hope I’m not the only one who remembers the line from Smoke on the Water…”Some stupid with a flare gun/burned the place to the ground/smoke on the water/the fire in the sky”

  8. Mike G

    Shooter Joe Hendrix

    It’s too bad his brother Jimi wasn’t home to say, “Hey Joe, where you going with a gun in your hand”…

  9. Origuy

    I don’t want you to miss this one, courtesy of Juanita Jean:

    An Anderson County man accidentally shot himself in the hand Sunday night when he tried to force the wrong caliber of ammunition into his pistol.
    Phillips had been called to his sister’s nearby home by his sister, who thought she had seen a prowler on the property. He grabbed his .357 Magnum revolver and went to her house but had no ammunition for the gun. His sister gave him .38 caliber ammo, and when he tried to force the round into the weapon by tapping it with his pocketknife, the round went off, striking him in the hand.

    His sister lived on Hillbilly Way.

    • Actually that made last week’s Tennessee Gun Report.

      But you know, these folks are the most responsible ever, etc. etc.

      • You missed this one:


        The header is a bit misleading. He’s dead, not under arrest.

        It was on the bottom of the page that you linked to about the gent shooting himself in the head while watching a movie.

        And then, because TN is not the only place with gunzloonz we have a story about the NYPD charging a guy with two counts of assault–because rounds that were fired AT him hit INNOCENT bystanders*:


        It happened three months ago which must mean that the DA and the PBA’s liyars were working hard to put together something that might sound plausible to a braindead, mouth breathing, piece-of-shit teatard.

        * For all I know the guy who’s charged is an innocent-o-perp–that’s someone who didn’t DO anything, this time, but they got away with something before so shooting them is justified.

      • I didn’t miss it but I don’t link to general gun crime stories in these weekly posts, good lord if I did that these posts would be 10 miles long. I had to draw the line somewhere so unless the gun crime is notable for some reason, I pretty much reserve this weekly roundup to items showing irresponsible behavior, accidental shootings, or similar activities involving guns which put the rest of us at risk. Good grief, every day there are dozens of crimes involving guns across this state.

  10. My bad, mea culpa.

    I forget that unless it’s a major news story, a lot of gunz stupidents and felonies (some overlap, there) go on without remark by local papers and other news outlets, except maybe in the court/police log.