War On Christmas

I’ll admit it, when my local news gleefully reported that fighter jets would accompany Santa’s sleigh this year in the traditional “NORAD tracker,” I was pretty outraged. Silly thing, I know: it’s Santa Claus, who gives a shit. But I do, because it’s for kids, and glorifying war to kids is revolting.

Honestly, I’m so offended by the constant rah-rah pro-military BS which has infiltrated every aspect of American life. This was the last straw. Why does Santa Claus need fighter jets, anyway? Mr. Beale joked it was to make it through Syrian airspace so he could bring presents to kids in Israel. Apparently everyone else decided it was Russia.

So I was relieved to learn that I wasn’t the only person ticked off by this glorification of weapons of war to children. In fact, quite a few children’s advocates were offended.

And now NORAD says what people thought were missiles were actually “fuel tanks.” Er, okie dokie.

I know y’all wouldn’t believe it but it does take a lot for me to go over the edge. I do stand and politely clap during the military salute at hockey games, despite the wretched Lee Greenwood track. But I put my foot down when they played an Army video of, I shit you not, bombs dropping on buildings. This was displayed on the JumboTron before a game one year, accompanied by a loud rock and roll track. Seeing small children with no clue what that represented cheering along turned my stomach. I called the operations office of the hockey team the next day and we never saw anything like that again.

“Support the troops” does not mean glorifying war. And by all means, this “back door recruiting” to kids is alarming. It’s no different than using Joe Camel to sell tobacco to children.

Knock it off, America.


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  1. War, guns, bombs….. what else is new? Oh, Santa escorted by fighter jets.

  2. Joseph Stans

    I agree. But hockey is a ³blood sport² and lots of the people were there in the hope that a concussed athlete was going to lose even more teeth or get nice gash someplace that would leave some blood on the ice. Just sayingŠ


    From: Southern Beale Reply-To: Southern Beale Date: Thursday, December 5, 2013 at 11:19 To: Joseph Stans Subject: [New post] War On Christmas

    WordPress.com Southern Beale posted: “I’ll admit it, when my local news gleefully reported that fighter jets would accompany Santa’s sleigh this year in the traditional “NORAD tracker,” I was pretty outraged. Silly thing, I know: it’s Santa Claus, who gives a shit. But I do, because it’s for “

    • I still love my hockey. And it doesn’t HAVE to be a blood sport. The NHL has been moving away from the gratuitous fighting. Although it’s true, when a fight breaks out on the ice everyone stands and cheers. No denying that. But football is basically grown men crashing into each other, right?

  3. Those prolly are wing tanks but, without any missiles, the F15 still has a 20mm mini-gun in its fuselage with about 500 rounds of either incendiary, explosive or armor piercing rounds–just sayin’.

  4. Screw Santa Claus, he’s a corruption of the real St. Nicholas who has about as much to do with Christianity as green beer on St. Patrick’s day. Here’s something you might find more appropriate from St. Nicholas Church in Leipzig


  5. Ginny Welsch

    Glorification of the military is a pillar of fascism. The drumbeat to this has been going on for a long time. We’re to get used to seeing the military as all we need for the survival or our democracy, the guardians of all things American. It’s more than frightening that people so easily fall into the trap of worshiping anybody who chose a military career, as if that decision bestows on them a mantle of all that America is, a mantle that demands that we bow before them one every level, from support the troops to thanks for your service to never question just salute.

    • I like the fact that I get VA medical benefits (without them I’d be much less well off, healthwise) and I appreciate the sacrifices made by many of my brothers and sisters in arms (I never saw combat, for which fact I am VERY grateful). Whenever someone, learning that I’m a veteran, says, “Thank you for your service.”–especially if they start gushing about MurKKKan DemoKKKracy and JESUS–it tends to creep me the fuck out.

      I enlisted in the USAF to AVOID the U.S. Army and a likely one-way ticket to Vietnam in the late 1960’s. I din’t kill no commies for KKKhrist and I don’t intend to. I did what I needed to do and I’m happy that it worked out for me–while not working out so well for over a half million and counting since 1954.

      War is only “fun” when, as George Patton said, “…the other poor, dumb, son-of-a-bitch dies for HIS country.”.

      Using battlefield imagery to hook the young smacks of child abuse.

  6. GregH

    The good news, sort of, is that Americans seem to have lost their appetite for war (OK, at least temporarily), because despite the grandstanding of Lindsay Graham and John McCain, we did not launch any military strikes on Syria – and this the result of hesitantcy by the President, no public support or support in Congress (OK, mainly because the Republicans oppose anything Obama even *THINKS* about doing). But we still love our guns! And tanks, and planes and nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers and drones!

  7. Bitter Scribe

    The late Michael O’Donoghue once wrote a hilarious sketch for the National Lampoon about Russia sneaking its nuclear missiles into American airspace by sticking plastic Santas on them and launching them on Christmas Eve. Last words: “Rudolph’s nose glowed brighter than it ever had before.”

  8. this is reminiscent of the BOLO (“be on lookout of”) for Santa that’s annually broadcast on christmas eve by public safety dispatchers to police and fire agencies. it’s a tradition here, and likely…everywhere.

    • LOL… “Suspect, Santa Claus … ” See, he’s a Socialist, redistributing the wealth on a global scale. No wonder he’s a “suspect.” Book him, Dano!