Guns In Restaurants FAIL

Since this happened in Kentucky it won’t make the Tennessee gun report. But I couldn’t let the news pass without letting my readers hear about it.

One of the most responsible gun owners EVER, a concealed-carry permit holder, accidentally shot himself in the leg while using a bathroom at Fazoli’s restaurant.

Police Sgt. David Neary told The News-Enterprise ( ) that the man left his pistol on the toilet paper dispenser while using the restroom on Sunday at the Fazoli’s restaurant. Neary says the pistol slipped off the dispenser and shot the man in the leg.

Neary says evidence, including the bullet trajectory, supported the man’s description of events.

He says the man was taken to an area hospital with a non-life threatening injury.

Police say the man had a concealed carry permit.

One of the problems with people carrying guns everywhere is what to do with them in the bathroom. We have a lot of problems with people shooting themselves in bathrooms or leaving their guns behind in the bathroom (here, here, here, here and, one of my favorites, here.) I could go on but I won’t. Do a Bing search for “gun, restaurant, bathroom” and see what pops up.

Seems to me if you haven’t figured out how to answer the call of nature while safely carrying your gun, then maybe you shouldn’t be carrying it in the first place.

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11 responses to “Guns In Restaurants FAIL

  1. Seems to me if you haven’t figured out how to answer the call of nature while safely carrying your gun, then maybe you shouldn’t be carrying it in the first place.

    It seems to me that firearms should not be carries with the safety off and a round ready to fire, which is the only way that a lot of these accidental shootings happen in the first place. If you haven’t figured out how to use the safety features built into your gun, you are not sufficiently responsible to have a concealed carry permit.

  2. “Howdy-hi, y’all! Welcome to “Cracker Both Barrels”, MurKKKa’s favorite newest straight-shootin’, choke’n’pukin eatery.

    Party of two? ‘Smokin’ Gunz’ or ‘Non-smokin’ ‘?”

  3. Wish I could say I was surprised. But I’m not. Ever notice that the more guns someone has, the lower their IQ seems to be?
    Because, yeah– the safety should have been ON. Too bad he didn’t shoot himself in the head. Could have been a Dar_WIN_!

    • “Dar_WIN_!”

      THAT, I will be totally stealing. In fact…
      “Dar_WIN_!” Tm, Sm, (c) 2013, democommie ministries and media, LLC, LSD & PCP.

      Please contact my lawyers, Loot, Rape and Pillage for details of licensing agreements.

  4. Thankfully he didn’t shoot himself in the ass or his private parts! That guy can thank his lucky stars.

  5. Cops do this FAR more often than ccw holders. You gonna call for disarming all cops because some are irresponsible with their guns when on the crapper?

    • Not a bad idea. Every day I read stories of cops using excessive violence, shooting and killing people who were little threat to them. There’s no reason for every cop to be armed with a gun. I’m not entirely comfortable with them using Tasers either, to be honest — too many of these idiots feel like Tasers are harmless and go to town on mentally ill people, Tasing away. But if they have to have something, give them a Tasesr and train them to treat it like the potentially deadly weapon it is.