I’m Mad As Hell

Truly nothing shows how completely useless our news media has become than the endless discussion of the “Obama-Castro handshake.” This is Volume Two of the “Obama Bowed To Saudis” fauxtrage, another fabricated reaction to a completely meaningless incident. The Daily Show has already superbly skewered those pretending to be upset about this so I don’t need to go into all the times Republicans shook hands with horrible people. Suffice it to say, it’s just more manufactured outrage expressing the belief of the 27% that President Obama does not belong in the White House. How typical.

If the national news media hasn’t yet figured out that there’s nothing this president can do that won’t result in endless hand-wringing from the right wing over how the blackety-black Muslim usurper has destroyed American prestige and sullied the very institution of the American Presidency with his blackety blackness, then I really have no use for any of you.

I mean, Jesus. Did it completely escape your notice that Handshake-Gate came right on the heels of Selfie-Gate? Both completely overshadowed President Obama’s inspirational and defiant eulogy, which was both tribute and call to action to finish the work of Mandela, King and Gandhi. The utter irony of all of this is just tragic. The president’s message: continue fighting for justice and equality around the world. The message the American news media delivered: America’s first African American president is just not fit for office, he’s out of his element. Look how he behaves on the world stage. What an embarrassment.

Hey New York Times, CNN, network news: do y’all not have the self-awareness to see what you’re doing?

All I can say is, shame on you. Shame. On. YOU.

I eagerly await the day when some cable news reader takes one look at the Teleprompter and says, “You know what, guys? Fuck this shit. I’m not reading that. That’s just stupid.” I wonder if anyone on TV will follow the lead of the AFP photographer who took the so-called “selfie” picture. He said:

“Why do people care about a selfie?” he said. “This is a sad reflection of our society.” He’d gone to photograph the memorial with a team of ten photographers. They moved some 500 images on the wire. “Good images, nice, strong images,” he said. “Images of South Africans dancing, smiling, chanting, which is the way they express mourning for a man they consider to be their father.” It was a long ceremony; he took many photographs of world leaders giving speeches and South Africans grieving. And suddenly he saw the Danish prime minister lift her phone to take a photo of her face alongside seatmates Obama and Cameron. Schmidt dutifully clicked away. “They’re in front of you, this happens, you take the picture,” he said. “But I saw so many good images from that memorial. And the picture that’s getting played is the president in a selfie. That’s kind of a bummer.”

Yes, well, lesson learned. Now you know: when it comes to President Obama, the rules are different. Snapping a photo of the world’s most powerful man engaging in a candid moment with two other world leaders, acting like any other human being, is simply not done. Not when it’s Obama. If it were George W. Bush, that would be a different matter entirely. Because some people in America still just can’t get over the fact that there’s a black man in the White House and anything he does offends them. His very existence offends them.

And what’s worse is that the American news media eat this stuff up with a spoon every damn time. They simply can’t let right-wing uproar pass as the meaningless grumbling we know it is. These are sore losers who have been on the wrong side of every important issue since forever — yes, even the wrong side of the Apartheid issue. Why anyone pays attention to them, I do not know. Yet every time they call for the fainting couches it makes the national headlines.

This is how journalism dies in America. You’d think news people would be offended that their profession has been turned into the equivalent of a junior high school lunchroom. I guess you’d be wrong.

Please, someone, find your balls. Tell the people in charge to knock it off.


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  1. Reblogged this on My Ready Room and commented:
    She said it so much better than I ever could have – the anger these wastes of protoplasm induce in me leaves me unfit to write.

  2. Mary Wilson

    Thank YOU, SB for expressing the ultimate outrage those fools say and do to try and hurt this brilliant, compassionate President. And to me, even more ludicrous and hate-filled with the attempt by McCain and other dumb-ass and clueless who commented about the life and legacy of Mandella who fought for 27 years, from prison and after he was released….”communist”, ‘socialist’, terrorist (from The DICK Cheney). And one website chose to use a photo of that stadium from 2010, empty, instead of the mass of humanity and thunderous applause for President Obama who delivered a wondrous eulogy and tribute to his mentor.
    Yep, it is all about continuing to HATE.

  3. I think back to that local TV news guy who, after watching a segment said on air, “Keep fucking that chicken.” Probably the guy was fired for that. But instead, he should have been given a Pulitzer … or at least the honorific, Prophet.

  4. GregH

    Wow. Just wow. I’m going to print this out, make copies, carry it in my wallet to hand out every time some teapublican numbwit criticizes Obama for going to the bathroom – and I will underline this: “sullied the very institution of the American Presidency with his blackety blackness” – because, really, truly, Obama’s unforgivable, unspeakable crime is being a BLACK [!!!!] PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – which, as we true Americans all know, is a lily white, protestant, two-parents-of-opposite-sex, baseball-unjuiced, apple pie without genetically manipulated apples, drones-for-democracy, greatest & best in the history of humankind, kind of country.

  5. “You’d think news people would be offended that their profession has been turned into the equivalent of a junior high school lunchroom.” I suspect many are but like a lot of worker bees in unsatisfying jobs they have bills to pay and the junior high content is what sells so they live with it. While I am not taking issue with your analysis of the left/right wing/racial dynamics at work in these matters about all I can think anymore is that in some suite of offices somewhere in “Media Land” the data shows this type content makes money. As a consumer I then choose to get my data from other sources even though I know my impact is less than pissing in the ocean. It saves me a lot of distress.

    Post Script to Mary: Barack Obama is a Neo-Liberal Lap Dog of Wall Street. (I’ll refrain from other issues like his disdain of habeous corpus for now) Your continued fawning over his compassion and eloquence is the kind of thing that pisses me off. If BHO is the best the left can offer we might as well give up. Randy Johnson.

    • GregH

      He cannot be a liberal or leftist, because the combination of black and leftist would cause the Tea Party Nutjobs to stage an actual revolution (in addition to making the heads of the Fortune 500 spontaneously combust). Mark my words, the USA has never had a President who was a leftist, and Wall Street and the Chamber of Commerce will see to it that we never do.

    • Randy:

      The real problem is that Mr. Obama is what he is AND he;s WAY better than any of the viable alternatives.

  6. deep


    and counterpoint:

    tl;dr version: 1st link: politicians are people too, look at these official photos! 2nd link: Obama never lets the us take a picture and instead sends out official photos!

  7. GregH

    The BBC feels your pain at the whole “Selfie-gate” media frenzy.

  8. “I’m Mad As Hell”

    OK, but kan haz “Good News Friday”?

  9. Bitter Scribe

    Maybe he should have just sneaked up on the Danish PM and tried to give her a neck massage.

  10. Bernard

    we got two more years of Right wing hysteria. i’m sure they will not let us down with their craziness, stupidity and infantile behavior. wonder if i can last that long. just when i thought the Right couldn’t get any crazier, more stupid or show themselves devoid of any sense of humanity, they continually surprise me. Two more years. wonder if we could make bets on how far into fantasyland the Right will go. but i bet the Right will go where no man has gone before. lol. sad.