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CAMBRIDGE, Md. (AP) – The grandparents of a Kentucky toddler who was accidentally shot by her 5-year-old brother say they don’t believe young children should have access to guns.

Mark Robinson, of Cambridge, tells the Star Democrat of Easton ( that parents should buy their children fishing poles instead of guns.

The April 30 shooting occurred when Kristian Sparks accidentally fired a rifle he was playing with as his mother stepped onto the front porch. His sister, 2-year-old Caroline, was fatally shot in the chest.

The rifle was made by a company that sells guns specifically for children.

Robinson says the boy shouldn’t have had the gun and that children that age are too young to appreciate the danger. He says no one was aware that there was a bullet still in the chamber.

I’m sure you all remember this tragedy. I wrote about it here. Crickett Firearms, which manufactures and markets guns to children, including the model which killed Caroline Sparks, temporarily shut down its website in the wake of the tragedy. However, they’re back in business.

More people like Mark Robinson are going to have to speak out. The gun manufacturers are getting fat on blood money, and they have no shame.


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5 responses to “Truth To Power

  1. ” He says no one was aware that there was a bullet still in the chamber.”

    The problem, exactly–at least on the parental side of the equation.

    No liability for the manufacturer of such death dealing “toys” is the other side.

  2. Back in 1963, I had one of those little air puff toy rifles that shot a cork on a string out of the barrel. My four-year-old budding thought factory came up with the bright idea of loading it with pepper and then shooting my sister in the face. It worked well enough that I was grounded for two weeks with no TV. (TV was actually pretty good back then. Cisco Kid at 5:30 in the morning. Zorro, local shows with cartoons featuring characters dressed up as a sailor or a Marshall, Bozo the Clown live shows, Fractured Flickers, Ralph Story’s Los Angeles black & white Crackerjack commercials. So many more!)

    Yeah, no guns for toddlers. Just seems like common sense to any reasonable person. My sister is alive today and God willing she will celebrate her 57th birthday next spring. To imagine accidentally killing your own sibling because some idiotic father actually bought you a gun at that tender age.

  3. Anniemouse

    I agree that things like fishing poles make great gifts for children. My kiddo had hours and hours of fun fishing, even though he never caught anything, and we detached the line and hook whenever it wasn’t being used to actually fish. He also had a nerf “gun”; a plastic gun that shot foam bullets. Like Flying Junior, the kiddo had the bright idea to shoot the gun at a living being (the family dog, in this case) but the gun was taken away and the lesson was learned with no loss of life or injury.

  4. Mike G

    A five-year old has no more business with using a gun than they should have with driving a car.

    • Does the constitution say anything about using CARS? No, it does not. Cars dint exist back then so we really prolly shouldn’t even have them. I feel lucky to be living in a time when we have computers available so’s I don’t gotta wait for the gummint’s inefficient postal service to hand deliver my bons mot to you gunzhaterz! /s

      Just thought you might like a glimpse inside the somewhat jumble mind of a teapartygunzloonjihadist.