Good News Friday

I was so swamped last week I was unable to do a Good News Friday post. Some of you were not happy and you let me know! SORRY!!! Fortunately I’m off for the next few weeks, so hopefully that won’t happen again.

So here ya go for this week. I’ll be a good blogger, I promise!

• New Mexico becomes the 17th state to legalize gay marriage.

• Guantanamo Bay moves one step closer to shutting down, thanks to more bipartisan hugs and kisses.

• Pennsylvania Republican Gov. Tom Corbett said he would support a state bill banning discrimination based on sexual orientation.

• Always good for a laugh: Poynter’s best and worst media errors and corrections of the year.

• PVH Corp., which owns fashion brands Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, has banned angora after a video released by PETA showed the shockingly inhumane treatment of angora rabbits:

In the video, Angora rabbits can be heard screaming as farmers rip out their wool until the animals are bald. The rabbits are then thrown back into their cages and appear to be stunned and in shock.


• Interesting look at how Uruguay became the world’s first country to legalize (and regulate) the production, distribution and consumption of pot.

• Yes, yes, yes a thousand times yes. I never understood why this was allowed in the first place. The last thing people need is more roadblocks to finding a job, and the idea that the only people who are worth hiring are those who don’t need the money is ludicrous.

• Awwwww! A victim of the Boston Marathon bombing and the rehab hospital nurse he met during recovery are engaged. You wacky kids! Get outta heah! *sniff* *sniff*

• It’s official: the D.C. city council has raised the minimum wage to $11.50.

• Martina McBride is the latest artist to cancel a concert at Sea World in the wake of the documentary “Blackfish.”

• Several prominent Republicans in Michigan have launched what they’re calling a conservative renewable energy group aimed at moving Michigan off oil and coal and diversifying Michigan’s energy sector.

• Insurers are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to sign people up for Obamacare. It’s over, Republicans. You lost.

• Pope Francis removes right-wing conservative U.S. Cardinal Raymond L. Burke from his powerful Vatican position and replaced him with a moderate.

• Astronomers have discovered geysers on Jupiter’s moon, Europa.

• Voters in Chile just participated in their first presidential election where all of the candidates were female.

• The U.S. is expected to top global-leader Germany in solar installation for the first time in 15 years.

Good News, Tennessee Edition:

• A baby giraffe was born in the Nashville zoo! Look at that face! That adorable face!

• A Warren County dog found barely alive last year after someone beat her with a baseball bat, put a gun in her mouth, fired and left her for dead is healthy and thriving today, says the Humane Society volunteer who has been caring for her.

• Maury County commissioners pass a resolution banning landfills near the Duck River.

• In Bristol, the owner of a drive-in theater decided not to close after 53 years, but will instead upgrade to a digital projector. Love this:

“I’m used to film, so it’s been a little difficult for me, but I have the steps written down, and I’m going to get the hang of it,” he said Friday.

Bless his heart.

• Taylor Swift donated $100,000 to the Nashville Symphony, which narrowly avoided bankruptcy earlier this year.

This week’s cool video: man, even the stray cats in Detroit are badasses:


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6 responses to “Good News Friday

  1. The dog in the video is all like:

    “Oh, great, that’s just FUCKING GREAT, you come outta your nice warm house and stir that guy’s shit and then run back inside and leave ME out here!”.

    That cat looks at least part wolverine.

  2. deep

    …and to think I originally voted for Obama in 2008 on the hopes that he would close Gitmo. Sheesh.

    And PETA! Wow. It’s nice to be reminded that they’re not always about shock campaigns and psycho vegans.

    • …and to think I originally voted for Obama in 2008 on the hopes that he would close Gitmo.

      So I guess you missed that part in his first term where he tried and the Republicans and Lieberdems fearmongered the hell out of it and talked about TERRISS IN OUR BACKYARD and then continued to block the closing by doing things like preventing any Federal funds from being used try Gitmo detainees, then another bill banning federal funds being used to to transfer Gitmo prisoners to the US or foreign countries for trial? Seriously, you missed all that?

      Sorry but this is definitely one case where Obama is not to blame:

      The responsibility lies not so much with the White House but with Congress, which has thwarted President Barack Obama’s plans to close the detention center, which the Bush administration opened on January 11, 2002 with 20 captives.

      “Congress has used its spending oversight authority both to forbid the White House from financing trials of Guantánamo captives on U.S. soil and to block the acquisition of a state prison in Illinois to hold captives currently held in Cuba who would not be put on trial — a sort of Guantánamo North. The current defense bill now before Congress not only reinforces these restrictions but moves to mandate military detention for most future al Qaeda cases unless the president signs a waiver. The White House withdrew a veto threat on the eve of likely passage Wednesday, saying the latest language gives the executive enough wiggle room to avoid military custody.

      Pay attention, son.

      • deep

        I know, sorry! It wasn’t really meant as a criticism of Obama, more as a complaint at how difficult things have been for the past 6 years.

  3. Re: Elizabeth Warren’s crusade.

    I’ve applied for LOTSA jobs since 2006, one interview, no offers.

    My credit is shit (all short term debt) although I do own my hovel, free and clear. NY is a “homestead exemption” state to well past the value of my home so I could declare bankruptcy and the CC companies would get a “hollow judgment” as I am below the poverty level–not anything I want to do, but the option is there.

    IF I could get a job that paid $1,000 a month*–my credit worthiness would go up about 100 points, within a few months.

    * I do have some physical limitations but I’d be great at customer service, dealing with selfish, greedy, lying, parasitic, “me, me, me!” assholes for about 25 hours a week. {;>)

  4. BTW, Buddy The Wonderdog sez he woulda settled that cat’s kibble, toot sweet. He tells me that he took Katrate classes as a pup and knows the “death rollover and show your belly” move. He also want’s a cookie, right fucking NOW!