Your Cat’s Favorite Christmas Present

Works for children too, I hear:

Como In A Box

Como In A Box


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9 responses to “Your Cat’s Favorite Christmas Present

  1. C B

    Children need a bigger one, but, yeah. 🙂

  2. Buddy sez that he thinks that’s a great idea, but make it skwerlz!

  3. Como always looks so =serious=.

    I r serious cat. dis r serious thread. 🙂

  4. Kosh III

    When my nephew was about 4 his parents got a new refigerator which came in a huge box.
    Despite having tons of toys for Xmas, my nephew played with the box for months until it finally fell apart.

  5. There’s an old joke involving scissors, pants pockets, Christmas and poverty and, “No.” I’m not going there–I’m way too fucking classy.

  6. ThresherK

    No pics of the cats climbing, undecking, or toppling the tree?

  7. C B

    My grandaddy was a funeral director. Don’t know if you’ve ever been around the business end of end-of-life, but I and my siblings and 9 local cousins grew up in its back pocket. The funeral home was on the street (still is), and their house was behind it, with a terraced yard in between. When a new shipment would come in, the children would be given the very large cardboard boxes that surrounded the caskets. Laid flat on the sloping yard, and polished with waxed paper, they provided an afternoon of sliding fun for us young ‘uns. 🙂