Tennessee Gun Report

I didn’t think it was in keeping with the Christmas spirit to have a gun post on Christmas Day so this week’s report is a day late. However, we did have an accidental shooting involving a 4-year-old yesterday. Of course we did!

• December 25, 2013:

A 4-year-old in Franklin shot himself in the hand with a gun he found in a vehicle:

The Franklin Police Department says the child was sitting in the front seat of a car parked on the 600 block of Cherokee Place Wednesday around 11:45 a.m. when he found the handgun and discharged it.

Police say a family friend was sitting in the driver’s seat with his back to the child at the time of the incident.

Guns in cars FAIL.

• December 23, 2013:

In Nashville, a man pulled a gun on a woman after she refused to buy him a beer.

• December 22, 2013:

Someone not clear on the concept, Nashville edition:


Oh, the butthurt. Those terrible cops, they won’t lift a finger to help you! Right, and probably the main reason is that stolen guns are incredibly hard to track and have probably already been sold illegally, possibly not even in this state or even this country (hello, Mexico!), and they will be used in who-knows-what kind of illegal activities, all because you failed to store your weapons properly.

And we’re supposed to feel sorry for you? Pfft.

Your “Reward for info” better be worth far more than two deadly weapons on the black market. I’ve got half a mind to ask him how much he’s offering.

• December 20, 2013:

1- Two shotguns and a rifle were stolen from a pawn shop in Raleigh, a neighborhood of Memphis.

2- Wise County set a record for concealed-carry permits, which local officials say they “welcome.” This is the same county which will send police officers to your door if your kid says the wrong thing on social media.

• December 18, 2013:

A Goodlettsville teenager shot out the windows of nearly 100 cars — sometimes with people still in them — after a fight with his girlfriend.

• December 14, 2013:

A Crossville man was accidentally shot in the foot when looking at a rifle with a co-worker. Despite the fact that both men were drinking at the time, the newspaper reported the inevitable “no charges were filed.” Of course not. That would be wrong.

• December 9, 2013:

Missed this one from a couple weeks ago: there was an accidental shooting at On Target, a Murfreesboro gun range. A man shot himself in the hand when a round jammed in his handgun.


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10 responses to “Tennessee Gun Report

  1. Joseph Stans

    Two more reasons why the NRA supports carrying guns: Extorting beer and tobacco for strangers and blowing off steam after your girl friend breaks up with you.

  2. “A Goodlettsville teenager shot out the windows of nearly 100 cars — sometimes with people still in them — after a fight with his girlfriend.”

    This apparently happened over a period of at least 24 hours. Do they have an “Ammo Watch” program down there, so’s if somebody’s menacing the area with a gun the cops are extra special eye-peelin’? Oh, hell, WTF am I thinking, of course they don’t, that would be anti-2ndmendment.

  3. Although it would be schadenfreudlicious let’s hope that next week we don’t read about Gunz Stupidents involving gift wrapped weppins.

  4. Dear post id:4254945560

    Hi, my name is Armand. I am a local gangster based out of Nashville. Thank you for the guns. I am planning a trip to Miami to score some coke. I needed the 9mm for my personal protection so I can keep my automatic under the seat. I went over to the house of a friend of mine who recently got out of prison and was able to trade the Glock for a cueball of lemon drop crank and some nice weed from California. Please feel free to buy some more weapons. And if you can, have more ammo on hand for my next visit.