Most Responsible Ever, etc.


WHMI-FM reports the 32-year-old man from the Livingston County community of Green Oak Township was shot in the buttocks Thursday evening at the Home Depot in Brighton. Police say it appears he was reaching for his wallet when he inadvertently grabbed the pistol and a shot fired.

The man was treated for minor injuries at a nearby hospital.

Police say the man had a license to carry the concealed weapon and no charges will be filed.

Of course charges won’t be filed. Apparently having a carry permit means you have a license to discharge your weapon by accident, putting the rest of us at risk. I mean, as we all know, licensed carry holders are the most responsible ever and prosecuting them for being irresponsible would mean that were no longer true. Can’t have that, now!

I read that story right after reading this one, out of North Carolina:

Officers were called to the Palenque Mexican Restaurant, located at 621-F N. Main St., in reference to a shot being fired shortly after 1 p.m.

Upon review of surveillance video in the restaurant it was discovered that an unknown white male was at the register attempting to pay his bill when he accidentally dropped a handgun.

Upon striking the ground, the gun discharged a round that struck the counter and a wall before going into the ceiling.

Remind me again why we want you loonz carrying guns everywhere?


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  1. Anniemouse

    Toby Keith has just opened a bar in suburban Virginia (just south of Washington DC). There’s a sign on the door letting potential customers know that their guns aren’t welcome in the bar. Sounds pretty responsible, doesn’t it? Alcohol = no guns. Not to the crazed lunatics shouting their deranged outrage with spittle-flecked lips.

    • Toby Keith, for real? I hadn’t heard that!

      • Anniemouse

        Courtesy of My Fox:

        A big country star opened a huge, new restaurant last week in Woodbridge, Va. But a house rule for the new establishment is roiling some Virginians: no guns are allowed inside.

        Toby Keith is not only a hugely successful country star (and actor), he also has personally opened a couple of restaurants, and through other companies, has now expanded those establishments into about a dozen cities.

        The latest Toby Keith restaurant opened in Woodbridge. Prominently displayed on the front door is a sign saying: “NO GUNS PERMITTED.”

        Virginia happens to be a gun-friendly state, where it’s quite permissible for citizens to strap on a weapon and go into a bar or restaurant, as long as the weapon is clearly visible. State law is silent on the issue of drinking while openly carrying a gun. (State law does prohibit most citizens who are legally carrying a concealed weapon from consuming alcohol, but they, too, are allowed to go into a bar or restaurant.)

        The owners have the right to say “no” to firearms, and that’s the rule at Keith’s Woodbridge restaurant.

        Facebook has erupted over the issue, with one patron saying she’s “disappointed” and believes the no guns policy announces to criminals that “anyone leaving your establishment is likely completely defenseless and easy pickin’s for a robbery.” That poster said she will not patronize the new Toby Keith restaurant.

        Another person wrote on the restaurant’s Facebook page: the no guns policy is “sad” and it creates a “more dangerous environment.”

    • I guess it says “No Guns Allowed” because if nothing else, Toby isn’t dumb. He sinks a small fortune into an establishment that he expects to make a tidy profit for his family and generations to come, perhaps capitalizing on the short-lived fame of his name. Why would any thinking person allow guns in their establishment? What would be the point of having a bouncer? You could just shoot him!

      Only an idiot would allow weapons. For one thing, just about every state prohibits carrying a weapon while drinking or intoxicated. That’s why it is so surreal that politicians from anywhere in redneck heaven could even imagine to support such an outlandish notion as guns in bars. I used to kid around with a routine of a Gene Autry type drinking milk in a bar, but just dropping by to keep the peace. Now I know that these fanatics are dead serious.

  2. yutsano

    Y do u libz hate FREEDUMB!!! so much?

  3. Mnemosyne

    If I remember my David Sedaris right, Michigan is the only state where the legally blind are permitted to hunt alone. (In Texas, they have to have a sighted companion with them, so this is one area where Texas is actually more sensible than Michigan.)

    • Michigan is the only state where the legally blind are permitted to hunt alone.

      That being the case, I’m shocked they haven’t run out of idiots up there.

      • Bob

        Shooting at something and hitting it, are two different things, thank God. It’s been my experience that the more adamant the gun nut, the less proficient the skill level. There will always be more innocent victims than real casualties as long as the current mentality survives and thrives.

    • ThresherK

      Yay for Texas, if only for the idea that should there be a blind guy out in the woods hunting, I wanna be there aiding him. That’s my best chance at being behind him when he fires.

  4. Remind me again why we want you loonz carrying guns everywhere?

    Well, in the first story, we now have an ass hole with two ass holes.
    That should be worth something.

  5. I’ll have to pass on Toby Keith’s place, I try not to support bloviating fauxpatriotic assholes and people I know who have been to the place with his name on it in Syracuse were underawed by the burgers.

    It is a little ironic that a moron like him would support such a measure.

    • Anniemouse

      Not a fan of Toby Keith or chain bars, but shocked a country music “star” would be sensible enough to realize that guns & drunks aren’t a happy mix.

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