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Ah I love New Year’s Eve. It’s when America’s most responsible citizens celebrate the New Year by shooting themselves in the foot, or, tragically, in the head, or accidentally shoot innocent bystanders, because guns are seen as New Year’s Eve toys not deadly weapons. Also, respect the culture and SHUT UP, etc. etc.

Here’s a brief rundown of some gun foolishness from Tennessee in the past week. Worth mentioning is the overarching butthurt coming from gun loons who, as was mentioned in the comments of last week’s report, cannot believe country star Toby Keith has banned firearms from his Virginia restaurant/bar. They thought he was one of them, but it turns out he hates America like the rest of us limp-wristed Commies. Who knew?

Also worth noting: this “fact-check” of gun talking points. You might want to study them before the next family gathering.

• December 31, 2013:

Sigh. The news media was just telling everyone that you can’t shoot at the rare white buck folks have been seeing because, as I just mentioned, it’s extremely rare and protected by state law. And along comes this idiot to shoot at it. Enjoy your New Years’ in jail, asshole.

• December 30, 2013:

1- A Madison woman says she was “just kidding around” when she pulled a gun on a man in an argument over the Titans game.

2- An East Tennessee man was shot while standing in his own yard. The incident is still under investigation. Sounds like the kind of thing that will end up being self-inflicted/accidental.

• December 28, 2013:

I’ve noticed a large number of shootings in Murfreesboro, which seems statistically unusual for the city’s size. Here’s an example, three unrelated shootings in one night including the “someone shot out a nearby street light.” Murfreesboro, you have a problem.

• December 27, 2013:

1- In Jackson, an AR-15 and several hundred rounds of ammo were stolen in a home burglary.

2- The TSA blog reports a loaded 9mm was discovered in a passenger’s carry-on bag at the Nashville airport. Also, a stun gun was found in a carry-on bag at the Memphis airport.

• December 26, 2013:

1- A 14-year-old in Nashville claims he shot himself in the foot, though no weapon, blood or shell casings were found at the place where he said the incident occurred.

2- A Dyersburg family is mourning the loss of their pet horse, who was shot dead while pastured. Authorities are approaching this as a poaching incident.

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