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Your weekly roundup … which I think I missed last week? So maybe not so weekly anymore? Sorry, kids. And to be honest, it’s really going to be super busy for me in the next few weeks so get used to it. Blogging is going to be sporadic.

Without further ado:

• General Mills, maker of Cheerios, will now use non-GMO ingredients in its original flavor cereal.

• A federal judge has upheld most of New York’s new gun law, which was passed in the wake of the Newtown shootings.

• Orbitz received an apology from its advertising agency when it inadvertently booked advertising on the Rush Limbaugh Show. Orbitz, which has reached out to the GLBT community, has specific objections to Limbaugh’s anti-gay statements.

• Still in the concept stages, Ford will introduce a solar-powered car at the Consumer Electronics Show.

• An Indiana state senator wants to mandate handgun training to receive a gun carry permit. Apparently Indiana is one of the few states which doesn’t have this requirement. Naturally the gun loonz are foamy-mouthed over this very logical, common sense idea.

• A federal judge has upheld another court’s decision that Florida’s drug testing of welfare recipients is unconstitutional.

• Schadenfreude: racist far-right British National Party leader Nick Griffin has declared bankruptcy.

• The last of the Uighur detainees at Gitmo have been freed.

Thank you, science! For Christmas this year science gave us four newly-discovered species of marine life, found off the Atlantic coast of Scotland.

• Wow. An Iraq War veteran got the best Christmas present ever: money to pay to save his dog, who was hit by a snowplow and severely injured. This guy has some amazing friends.

• British tycoon Richard Branson calls for a global boycott of Uganda over gay rights. He writes:

I have been courted by various people and government officials to do business in Uganda. I was seriously considering it.

However, the dreadful witch hunt against the gay community and lifetime sentences means it would be against my conscience to support this country.

I would urge other companies worldwide to follow suit. Uganda must reconsider or find it being ostracised by companies and tourists worldwide.
The Economist published a graphic showing where homosexuality is illegal in 2013, which makes for distressing viewing. More than 80 countries worldwide criminalise homosexuality, with the death penalty in place in five countries and areas of Nigeria and Somalia.

Governments must realise that people should be able to love whoever they want. It is not for any government (or anyone else) to ever make any judgements on people’s sexuality. They should instead celebrate when people build loving relationships that strengthen society, no matter who they are.

• The top 10 climate successes of 2013.

• All of the members of Pussy Riot are free.

• Not only did a Federal judge rule Utah’s ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional, but the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals denied the state’s “emergency” request to ban gay couples from marrying. Bwaaahaa.

Good News Tennessee Edition:

• Priscilla Presley has taken back the Graceland Challenge Trophy which has been part of the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration since 1983 over charges of the industry’s systemic animal abuse:

“Graceland isn’t going to support this, knowing what we know now,” Presley said Tuesday. “We want that trophy back.

“I can’t support the trophy when inhumane methods are used on these horses. I can’t support it.”

• Three thousand acres near the Fiery Gizzard Trail in Grundy County have been protected.

• New hires at the University of Tennessee will get a small bump in pay, from $8.50/hour to $9/hour.

Best news bloopers of 2013:


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9 responses to “Good News Friday

  1. SiubhanDuinne

    “Fiery Gizzard Trail in Grundy County” made me laugh. Gotta love those Southern place names!

  2. Thank you for the news. Your blog is required reading and I appreciate the effort required to produce it.

  3. ThresherK

    Utah dept: I understand the AG filed for a stay to prevent the gay weddings.

    Before this, the last I remember the words “emergency stay filed by a Republican” it was to prevent the vote count in Florida in 2000.

    Do the R’s even know what a “stay” is for? (Hint: It usually has to do with a phone call from the governor’s office before the switch is thrown on the electric chair.)

    • I find it really hilarious that the Utah AG is claiming an “activist judge” overruled the “will of the people of Utah,” but hundreds of those people are rushing to get married. If it were truly the “will of the people of Utah” he’d have nothing to worry about, right?

      • It is the will of the majority that the minority can go to hell. How dare a judge rule that the majority can’t trample over the rights of a minority any time it feels like!

    • “The will of the people of Utah is WHAT WE SAY IT IT IS!”
      -Attorney General of Utah

      goddamned rabblerousing heathen commie hippie pinkos…

  4. “Fiery Gizzard” sounds like a great name for a Bar-b-kew joint.

  5. A federal judge denied a pair of requests Tuesday to suspend key provisions in Maryland’s brand-new gun-control law , ruling that the plaintiffs had not made the case for the “extraordinary relief” they were seeking.