Dear God But It’s Cold Out There

Here in Nashville the temperature dropped from yesterday’s high of — I shit you not — 58 degrees to seven degrees this morning. All in the space of, what, 12 hours?

It reminds me of that scene from the 2004 movie The Day After Tomorrow where Jake Gyllenhaal is trying to outrun an Arctic super storm which caused the temperature to fall 150 degrees in a matter of minutes. He just barely makes it inside the New York Public Library, where everyone is burning volumes of the New York tax code to stay warm.

So maybe Nashville’s temperature drop wasn’t quite the Hollywood version, but it was pretty extreme. We survived. All the critters were safely indoors last night, though our one outdoor cat doesn’t understand why I can’t change the weather for him. It’s going to reach a balmy eight degrees today and then fall down to two degrees tonight. And I’m not even talking about wind chill, folks. This is baseline temperatures.

All of this has given the dumb-dumbs on the far right a great excuse to guffaw about how global warming can’t be real because, “har har, it’s cold in my backyard and everything is always all about me!” I wonder what they’d say if they were in Australia, which is smashing summer heat records right now? It’s even warmer in Anchorage, Alaska than Nashville. Politics may be local but climate is not.

It’s funny because I remember those same people laughed that the premise of that movie — global warming precipitates a new Ice Age — as just more liberal Hollywood propaganda. Typical! The people who thought Jack Bauer offered a real national security policy expected a big-budget Hollywood summer disaster flick to provide real climate science! Of course the one film which did present actual real climate science — “An Inconvenient Truth” — was also derided by these same dumb-dumbs because Al Gore Is Fat and Tipper didn’t churn her own butter. Now they’re saying because it’s cold in January, global warming is a hoax. Can’t win for losing with these idiots.

Anyway, it’s going to get even colder tonight. Bundle up, folks.


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  1. GregH

    I knew it was a mistake for Governor Haslam to outsource the management of the Tennessee climate to a Jones Lang Lasalle, a company from Chicago!

  2. love your blog, moved here from a bit more liberal State a couple years ago. u r not the only one here who has lots of the same feelings 🙂 Thanks!

  3. I took Buddy the Wonderdog for a walk early AM because I had to go the Syracuse VA for an MRI on my shoulder. It was 47 degrees and raining pretty hard and he didn’t want to stay out long. I took him out again about 5:30 PM and he was, like, “Oh, good, it’s stopped rain….wtf? Why is it so Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooold!?”.

  4. I was supposed to play a bar gig tonight and it got cancelled. My outside thermometer is reading -1. Official temp is a few degrees cooler.

    It’s a haiku moment.

    twelve inches of snow:
    as the temperature falls
    no sound but the wind


  5. SEVEN Degrees? LUXURY!!!!!

    It hit -7F here last night, and we don’t have all the trees, hills, and landscape to soak up the wind like Tennessee does.


  6. yutsano

    This is off topic, because I live where the weather is still sane, but please tell me you’ve seen this already:

  7. Sunny and fucking beautiful Mostly I worry about the dry weather desiccating my flowers. Seventy-nine degrees in the shade on my patio at lunch. I was worried about wearing my suit and tie. Happily it was only seventy-two out on the road. It does drop down to between forty-three and forty-eight degrees in the coldest part of the morning.

  8. Here in Virginia Beach, Va., it went from the 60s to the 30s with the teens predicted for the morning. I grew up in this part of the world a long time ago and I can understand teens in the winter, but not 60s.

    But, clearly, there is no such thing as climate change.

    Also, pigs, wings.

  9. SunnyJimbo sez run the raccoon guy? Yeah, that’s one of the things that the teabaggists do, ethics not being one of their native traits.

    • Jim in Memphis

      DC – if you read the article you would see that no one is stepping up for the Democrats to run for governor. Not only will Republicans keep the office of governor in TN, it looks like the Republicans will expand their majorities in the State House and Senate. The Democratic party is a joke in TN. So yes, if the raccoon guy wanted some publicity, he should run as a Democrat because right now he would win the Democratic primary by default.

      SB is making fun of the Republican primary when the Democrats may not even have a primary since no one will run.

      • Which is funnier: a field of cray-cray wackos and spittle-flecked Neanderthals or nothing? I’d rather have nothing. We have some solid Democrats in Tennessee but no one who wants to run as long as our politics has been so thoroughly dumbed down. Can’t say that I blame them.

      • Jim, you moron, I READ the article, jerkoff.

        Believe it or not, I actually read stuff instead of just making asinine comments on subjects of which I have little knowledge.

        I understand that the TN Democratic Party is less effective than the TN GOP. Of course when one party’s stock in trade is egregious lies and hatin’onObama, well I can see where the appeal to a bunch of fucking rednecks in a state that still thinks they were invaded without provocation (during the War of Southern Treachery, 1861-1865) would be like a bottle of Black Jack put into the hands of an alcoholic. As Mr. Clemens once said:

        “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”
        – Mark Twain

        The fact that TN has a preponderance of voters that are idiots is the problem. Please note that I did not say that everybody who lives in TN or even everyone who votes in TN is an idiot, just the majority of voters–which I’m pretty sure includes you,

        Is that clear enough, or do I need to use smaller words?

      • Dammit I just had a long comment all written down and I lost it.

        Alright the shorter version is, when Democrats were firmly in power we had our weirdos and wackos run for office and primary everyone, too. So there must be some political law at work, that when your party is in charge the wackos feel like they can try to get some attention because ultimately they pose no threat and no one really pays attention to them.

        Anyway, Jimbo appears to be saying “hey at least we have candidates, Democrats can’t even find someone har har har” which is all well and good but it just proves my point when I say Tennessee is where the Republican Party has come to die. The GOP has found refuge in our state — we’ve got priminent Republicans like Arthur Laffer, Alberto Gonzalez and Victoria Jackson now making their home in Tennessee, and it makes sense because if you’re a Republican in New York or Los Angeles or anyplace else you probably are the oddball in the bunch. Here they feel at home. So they’re all coming here but their policies still don’t work and their ideas still suck and they’ve still got bats in the belfry and as they migrate here these facts have become increasingly evident (I mean really, Tennessee has a HUGE budget problem and they wonder why? Umm … ya think it’s the tax cuts, maybe?) Tennessee can be a magnet for these folks but they won’t stay in power for long because their ideas simply do not work anywhere outside a fictional Ayn Rand novel.

      • Jim in Memphis

        Much clearer than your normal SkrotalKKKKKKKKKKKKKKAmerifascit comments or your other non English comments.

      • Jim in Memphis

        You keep saying the GOP is here to die, but currently the GOP controls about 27 State legislatures and 29 state governor offices. On top of that they have the majority in the US House and have a chance of taking the Senate in the 2014 midterms. You better hope Obamacare starts acting like it can actually work as just before the 2014 midterms there is going to be another huge round of people being cut-off from their health insurance plans that they used to get from their employers when the employer mandate kicks in and all of their plans have to meet the Obamacare standards. Democratic Senators at risk are going to be looking for cover against there votes in favor of Obamacare and all the new taxes that came with it.

      • And every election continues to chip away at those state legislative gains, in spite of Republican obstruction and gerrymandering. It appears all Republicans know how to do when they get elected is regulate abortion and peoples’ ability to vote. Republicans are basically a regional party of Southern white males.

        From the link:

        Even with more than two dozen races undecided, it is clear that Democrats made substantial gains in state capitols on Election Day.

        In the 6,034 state legislative elections held yesterday, Democrats have thus far picked up over 170 seats, going from 3,294 of seats in state houses and senates before the election to 3,472, according to tabulations from the National Conference on State Legislatures, a bipartisan group that provides research and services to state legislators. However, Republicans still hold a majority of state legislative seats, with 3,795 at latest count. Twenty-seven seats still remain undecided, but Republicans will maintain their majority, regardless of what happens in those races.


        In three states, state legislatures changed party control completely. Arkansas made a historic switch, when both houses of its state legislature flipped from Democratic to Republican majorities yesterday. That will make the legislature in Little Rock Republican-controlled for the first time since the 1870s. Meanwhile, Maine and Minnesota’s legislatures both went from fully Republican-controlled to Democratic.

      • Jim in Memphis

        So after the 2010 state elections where Republicans wiped the floor with the Democrats were you stating that the Democratic party was in a death spiral? We will see what happens in 2014. Personally I doubt either party is going to die off anytime soon.

      • Why would I? Democrats held the Senate and had just won the White House.

        2010 was an off-year, midterm anomaly fueled by big-money interests. You wingtards were had by the corporate interests who told you who to hate and fearmongered about Obamacare. Whipped the idiots in the Revolutionary War costumes into a frenzy. Most of America has woken up from that nonsense. Sad that you are still too stupid to realize it, Jim, but you’ve never been my brightest troll.

  10. “Much clearer than your normal SkrotalKKKKKKKKKKKKKKAmerifascit comments or your other non English comments.”

    So much for Jimbo’s reading comprehension.

    It’s SKKKrotalMurKKKanPatriotiKKK Front, dood.

    non English? Do you mean, “non-English” or “non-standard English”? Cuz, if it’s the former, you obviously understand it, so it must be a language you can read. Habla Espanol? Verstehen Sie Deutsch? Parlez vous Francais? It ain’t noneathem.

  11. Jimbo’s really put his time away to good use. He’s had his neckhole stuffed full of NEW bullshit talking points over the holidays.