Tennessee Gun Report

Probably the biggest gun news out of Tennessee is that they’re going to auction a gun that belonged to Bonnie of Bonnie & Clyde fame. Apparently it was found in her skirt after she was killed. Some other gun news from around the state which isn’t quite so glamorous:

• January 6, 2014:

1- A Rogersville woman accidentally shot herself in the stomach while cleaning her revolver. From the story:

“Mrs. Lucas stated she thought it was a five shot instead of a six shot, and had one in the chamber,” Matthews stated in her report.

You lose the right to call yourself a responsible gun owner when you don’t even know how many rounds your gun holds. Also:

Bass added, “It was an older revolver. Her story was that she was fixing to clean it, and she squirted some cleaner on the hammer. The barrel was right up against her stomach. When she was holding the hammer her finger slipped off because of all the stuff on it, and it went off.”

You also lose your right to call yourself a responsible gun owner when you hold the barrel to your stomach while cleaning your gun.


2- Welcome to America! A Clarksville man waved a loaded gun at a foreign exchange student staying at his home because people were being too loud. Most responsible ever, etc.

• January 4, 2014:

The Chattanooga Times-Press published a news roundup of violence and gun accidents from 2013. Shocking how many of these stories I missed.

• January 3, 2014:

1- A Nashville area gun store was burglarized and 30-40 guns were stolen. I read these stories all the time, so many of these gun stores are little mom and pop operations. There needs to be some kind of minimum standard for securing the inventory at night. Hell, jewelry stores do it all the time.

2- A reckless driver was also charged with carrying guns on school property at Cookeville’s Tennessee Tech U.

3- TSA agents at the Nashville International Airport have already intercepted the year’s first gun left in a carry-on bag by a forgetful (but responsible!) gun owner.

• December 31, 2013:

That guy I mentioned in last week’s report who illegally shot at the rare white buck? He’s a repeat offender. Again: asshole.

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  1. The burgled gunshop has about the same level of security as a beauty shop.

    I wonder if the cops look hard at the owners to make sure that they’re not “victims” of predatory lending who had to come up with some cash, FAST, to pay off the credit card bill.

    The lady who shot herself while cleaning her gun? Maybe next time she’ll put the barrel in her hear to see if she can hear the “roar of the OK Corral”.

    Wotta maroon.