“I’m A Gun Owner. It Happens.”

Another responsible concealed-carry permit holder, behaving responsibly, etc. etc.

Rep. Leslie Combs accidentally fired her handgun Tuesday afternoon while unloading it in her office in the Capitol Annex — the building adjacent to the Capitol that houses legislative offices and committee meeting rooms.

“I’m a gun owner. It happens,” she said Wednesday, adding that she was following safety precautions as she unloaded her Ruger 380 semi-automatic handgun. No one was injured.

Combs said she has a concealed carry permit, allowing her to carry the gun, which she said she often carries in her purse.

It happens? Really? I thought you guys were the most responsible gun owners EVER. If accidental firings happen to even the most responsible gun owners, then maybe all of this carrying of guns around in public places isn’t such a smart idea, hmm?

Oh, and let the record reflect: Rep. Combs is a Democrat. It’s Kentucky, remember. We’re supposed to “respect the culture.”

No charges were filed because, hey, shit just happens. Guess we can all thank our lucky stars that no one was injured.

How much longer are we supposed to tolerate irresponsible behavior with firearms, anyway?


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14 responses to ““I’m A Gun Owner. It Happens.”

  1. Joseph Stans

    Gee, everybody is cleaning their gun when it goes off. America must have the cleanest guns in the world and the most inept gun owners. The fact is, most of these yokels is jut fondling them and playing with them like a chimp will play with a toy in its enclosure. Unless you are using your gun it only needs to be cleaned a couple of times a month.

  2. jazzbumpa

    How much longer are we supposed to tolerate irresponsible behavior with firearms, anyway?

    Forever, apparently.

  3. Joseph Stans brings up an interesting point. I wonder if the cops who show up for these stupidents report finding gun oil, bore brushes, rags and the like?

    Why the hell would anyone be cleaning their gun in their office, anyway? Did she just shoot her boyfriend, or what?

    • According to the story she said she decided she didn’t like the gun any more and was unloading it because she didn’t want to carry it any longer. Doesn’t sound like she’s kept too busy there at the Kentucky state capitol.

  4. Eric

    So how many times can nonsense like this “happen” before the concealed carry permit gets revoked?

  5. I love that one, I’m a gun owner, it happens. These guys (and gals) are unbelievable.

  6. “I’m a gun owner. It happens,”

    Great epitaph.

  7. I’m a gun owner. Have been since like forever. I’ve never discharged a weapon by accident. Neither do I feel like I need to put others at risk, dependent upon my proper handling of a firearm. CC permits ought to be subject to one strike and you’re out.

    • “CC permits ought to be subject to one strike and you’re out.”

      One strike–no more gunz, ccw or otherwise. People that are stupid enough to shoot themselves shouldn’t be handling gunz, period.

  8. “I was cleaning my gun” is becoming the “dog ate my homework” of the 21st century.