When Schadenfreude Goes Wrong

Chris Christie is so busted.

So much for the GOP’s great wide hope for 2016. He can try to deny he knew anything about this but I don’t know who is going to believe him, given his well-earned reputation for being a bully and arrogant blowhard. There are just too many YouTube videos out there of him berating teachers and ordinary citizens on the New Jersey boardwalk for anyone to think he wouldn’t orchestrate retaliatory traffic gridlock on the George Washington Bridge to punish the Democratic mayor of Fort Lee, New Jersey.

The worst part about the explosive emails between top Christie aides was the gloating at the end of the email threads. Example one (click to enlarge):

Text 1

Kinda reminds me of that Focus on the Family asshole who asked “would it be wrong” to pray for rain of Biblical proportions to interrupt then-nominee Barack Obama’s DNC acceptance speech. What horrible people! But it gets worse:

Text 2

Barbara Buono, of course, was Christie’s Democratic challenger for governor. Yeah suffer the children, it’s their fault for being public school kids (and therefore the children of Democrats!) If only they’d had the good fortune to be born to Republican parents who send their kids to private schools!

And worser….:

Text 3

Yeah so it’s good, right? People are suffering and we win, right? Yeah. Very good.

Oh I cannot wait to see what The Daily Show does with this. UN-believable.


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5 responses to “When Schadenfreude Goes Wrong

  1. If there is any proof that Christie even KNEW about it this thing could get very long legs. The GWB is THE roadway that merges I-95 and U.S. Routes 1 & 9 for the river crossing from NY to NJ. Tampering with traffic on a U.S. or Interstate System Highway is likely something that the DoT AND the DHS are sorta likely to get upset about.

    This could get much more than embarrassing for some folks.

    The SKKKrotalMurKKKanPatriotiKKK Front will be torn. They hate Christie Crème but they LUVZ ’em some gummint shutdown (as long as it doesn’t affect their SS checks or Medicare payments).

  2. Suppose it would be in poor taste to say “Paves the way for Paul Ryan”?

    • GregH

      “Bowhunter” stands ready! He showed just enough statesmanship in the budget compromise with Patty Murray to take the Tea Party Nut Job edge off his candidacy. Oh, joy! Perhaps the young, hot, work-out-guy “Bowhunter” (yuck!) can tab hot, exotic-and-diverse Gov. Nikki Haley (vomit!) in SC as his running mate.

  3. Well, considering it’s New Jersey we’re talking about…

    Too bad that Jimmy Gandolfini died, it would make a great episode for “The Sopranos”–“Paving The Way for Demagogueoccracy”.