Other Stuff That Happens, Apparently

This is not a hoax:

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Cormac McCarthy’s ex-wife was arrested after allegedly threatening her boyfriend with a gun that she pulled out of a very unlikely place.

According to a police report, Jennifer McCarthy of Santa Fe, N.M. was arguing with her boyfriend over space aliens when things became so heated, she pulled a gun out of her vagina and pointed it at his head. McCarthy’s boyfriend was able to wrestle the weapon away from her, threw it in the toilet and then later moved the gun to the trash outside. The Albuquerque Journal reported that McCarthy was wearing lingerie at the time of the assault.

McCarthy was charged with aggravated assault on a household member.

What. the. fuck. And now I believe it’s time to guzzle bleach.

[UPDATE]: mug shot, here.


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14 responses to “Other Stuff That Happens, Apparently

  1. yutsano

    So we have two loony Jenny McCarthys. MERIKAN EKSEPTULISM!!!

  2. Joseph Stans

    That’s not the Jenny McCarthy who is against vaccination is it? Nah.

  3. Holy smokes! Even if it was a .22, what kind of cavern does that woman have….I just can’t….just can’t get past that gag reflex….This is an ewwww factor of 11.

  4. must…not…comment…

  5. Roadmaster1968

    … VAGINA?

  6. Roadmaster1968

    BTW, ‘mug shot’ link takes us back to this story — not that I would want to imagine, let alone realize the appearance of a woman who redefines the term, ‘packing heat’.

    • Woops sorry will fix it … thanks for the heads’ up!

      • Roadmaster1968

        Clicked on the mugshot… I rest my case.

        That would be one ‘premature ejaculation’ she might not survive from.

        (still can’t get over that any woman would willingly store a firearm in the ‘holiest of holies’.)

  7. So where do you put your gun when you’re arguing about aliens?
    (No cooter for old men)

  8. C B

    I’m having a “Holy Shit, doesn’t that hurt???!!!!!!” moment.

  9. merlallen

    How do they know the boyfriend wasn’t lying? Did someone give the gun a sniff test or something?