Fundies Silent On Israel’s Free Abortions

You know, there’s nothing more hypocritical than your modern pro-life conservative Fundiegelical American Christian. These folks have a no-compromise attitude when it comes to Planned Parenthood: every penny the taxpayers give PP for STD testing and mammograms is a penny PP can use toward aborting babies, they argue. They refused to support UN women’s health programs during the Bush years because they included abortion (as well as birth control and vital HIV/AIDs prevention). But no, millions of people in Africa could contract HIV, as long as not one penny was spent on abortion.

And Obamacare? The double backbends the Obama Administration went through to make sure no religious group directly sullied its hands by touching birth control was not enough. The demands that no insurance policy offer coverage for abortion continue.

But when it comes to Israel? Well, Fundiegelicals love, love, love Israel, because Jesus and Nuke The Ragheads and the Chosen People and Zionism, etc. etc. etc. So when it was announced late last year that Israel would offer free abortions to all women age 20-33 for any reason whatsoever, one might expect cries of outrage, demands to withhold U.S. aid, etc.

Aaand you would be wrong. We got crickets. Worse than crickets. Some of them have even defended the decision:

Ari Morgenstern, spokesman for Christians United for Israel (CUFI), which boasts more than 1 million members nationwide, the abortion policy won’t change the organization’s support for the Jewish State.

“CUFI is a single-issue organization that supports the democratically elected government of Israel regardless of whether or not we agree with the decisions taken by that government,” he said.

Got that? It doesn’t matter what they do, we will support them regardless. I find that … odd.

And then there’s this:

Tom McClusky a spokesman for the March for Life said, “It seems that especially while a lot of Europe and also Russia and the former Soviet Union is having trouble keeping up with birthrates, that it’d be a pretty poor policy for a country to take right now.” When asked if he thought the new provision might alienate pro-Israel American conservatives, McClusky added, “A lot of people that I’ve partnered with here and at my former job [the Family Research Council] who were pro-Israel were also pro-life. It seems they’d just be another country where we’d be looking to overturn a law.

See? No biggie. We can still send them billions of dollars in defense aid, we’ll just work to overturn the policy. (Hey: can Planned Parenthood get that deal? No?) You could argue that every Israeli bomb and fighter jet Americans pay for is money the Israelis can now spend on abortion. You could argue that, unless of course you’re a right-wing pro-life Fundiegelical American Christian, in which case you won’t, because you’re a hypocrite.

Writes Ed Kilgore:

Most antichoicers who are also aggressive supporters of a Greater Israel form of Zionism clearly just don’t want to “go there” in examining Israel’s abortion policies. It just would not do for them to apply the sort of “abortion as Holocaust” rhetoric to Israel as they routinely do with respect to America’s less liberal laws.

The bottom line is that many of the most adamant conservative Christian supporters of Israel (or at least the Israel represented by politicians like Bibi Netanyahu and those to his right) treat that country as an instrument for their own fantasies about the Middle East, not as a society representing their own values. Jewish Zionists who welcome their support ought to keep that in mind.

I would point out that this applies to American politics, as well. To paraphrase Kilgore, the most adamant conservative Christian opponents of abortion treat that issue as an instrument for their own fantasies about a conservative America, not as a policy reflecting any real religious conviction.

Or to put it another way: the abortion issue is simply a political tool used by leaders of the organized Christian Right to raise funds, get out the vote, gather mailing lists, win elections and achieve other political ends. The leaders of the religious political movement don’t give a shit about fetuses or babies or anything else. Fundiegelicals who support them ought to keep that in mind.


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19 responses to “Fundies Silent On Israel’s Free Abortions

  1. deep

    Y’know, I often have to remind myself that there are people out there in the world who have a totally different perception of reality than me. Like simple things that I take for granted they perceieve in a totally different way. Up is down, black is white, abortion is a-okay for fundies.

    • Yeah an ex-cop, too. You’d think a FORMER POLICEMAN would fucking know better.

      He shot him because the guy threw popcorn at him. But he stood his ground, oh yeah.

      • deep

        Oh, jeez I hope he invokes the stand-yer-ground law. That would be priceless. Oh wait, but the victim wasn’t a black teenager, I guess he won’t get off then.

      • Sounds like you may get your wish:

        During an interview after Reeves was arrested, and after he was read his Miranda rights, Reeves admitted to firing his weapon at the victim because “he was in fear of being attacked,” according to the police report.

        And that is your modern pants-wetting conservative in a nutshell. Scared of their own shadows and shooting blindly while waving the flag.

      • deep

        bwahaha!! Of course only in our violence obsessed era do we actually allow the press to interview the accused.

        He’s a HERO I tells ya.

      • C B

        Is is perhaps a salient point that he is a FORMER POLICEMAN, and not a RETIRED POLICEMAN? Good police departments fire you when you break the rules and get caught. They really don’t have a choice, if they operate with any ethics at all.

      • Every report I’ve read says Curtis Reeves is a retired Tampa police captain. Retired from the force in 1993.

  2. I think the main reason you don’t hear shite out of the screeching-monkey-caucus about Israel is because they’re waiting for the Rapture, which can’t happen unless Israel is all free an’ Jewy an’ New Temple-y an’ stuff…

  3. Mary Wilson

    And if I had money, I would bet a pile of it that if the Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank, you know the Black people of the Middle East, were to enact such a law (even though they have been enslaved for 60 some years) by the Jewish State, that the supporters here would cheer from their sanctimonious pulpits…as this would be a way to eradicate the future of all Arabs living in that region…anybody with me?

  4. ExpatJK

    Indeed, where are the cries of “baby holocaust” now? Seriously, I’m listening. (And would LOVE for it to actually occur, because the fallout would be spectacular).

  5. Another example of GOP Fundie Hypocrite on abortion, Republican congressman from Tennessee Scott Desjarlais, who pressured his mistress to get an abortion, and pressured his wife to get two abortions before they were married. The guy is an MD for christ’s sake, doesn’t he know what causes pregnancy?

    • GregH

      Don’t forget he had multiple affairs with his medical staff and with patients!!!He isn’t licensed to practice medicine in TN anymore – and state Sen. Jim Tracy will likely mop the floor with him in the primary. The Tea Partiers still love him, but every – and I do me EVERY – Republican elected official in the state who has made an endorsement, has endorsed Tracy. That’s too bad – because I would love to see my dog run as a Democrat and beat DesJarlais in the general election.

  6. It’s tragic that there’s never been a way to stop allathesluts from killin’ teh babeez in other countries. Well, except for the Mexico City Policy and the Global Gag Rule:

  7. “Or to put it another way: the abortion issue is simply a political tool used by leaders of the organized Christian Right to raise funds, get out the vote, gather mailing lists, win elections and achieve other political ends.”

    They get the votes, the roobz get warm and fuzzy feelings about making BABY JESUS smile and poor women (mostly) get shitty reproductive healthcare–if they get any.

  8. Bitter Scribe

    I’ve often wondered if Israelis who accept support from American religious nuts ever wonder about the propriety of associating with people who believe that you are destined to spend eternity in a lake of fire.