Most Responsible EVAH Version Eleventybillion

Hey, she’s a gun owner! It happens!

Just ask Lauren Tannehill, the supermodel wife of Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

She rented a white Nissan Rogue earlier this month at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport before returning it to the company two hours later in exchange for a different vehicle. There was just one problem: she forgot to grab her AR-15.

The vehicle was subsequently rented by a New York woman and her daughter, but they drove it for two days before spotting the bag that contained the weapon. Alarmed, the woman’s daughter quickly jumped out of the vehicle to get away from the weapon.

Authorities said the weapon is legally owned and “not criminal.” The Sun Sentinel noted that Lauren Tannehill frequently posts photos on Twitter that show her shooting guns with her husband.

This is the part I love:

“Though dangerous if it would have landed in the wrong hands, it’s not criminal,” Broward sheriff’s spokeswoman Keyla Concepción said. “They simply forgot it.”


The gun legally belongs to Ryan Tannehill, and the couple immediately called the rental car company to report a missing item, even though the couple didn’t specify what was in the bag, a football league source said.

Wait … wait …. Lauren Tannehill lost track of her AR-15 for two whole days and that’s not criminal? They didn’t even bother to tell the rental company what the item was? Little miss super Christian (according to her Twitter bio) didn’t think maybe, just maybe, the car rental company might need to know that?

Why hasn’t this idiot been arrested for negligence and endangering public safety? Because she’s a supermodel wife of an NFL quarterback?


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  1. “The gun legally belongs to Ryan Tannehill, and the couple immediately called the rental car company to report a missing item, even though the couple didn’t specify what was in the bag, a football league source said.”

    And the rental company who had the NY woman’s cellphone number–beyond any doubt, that–didn’t call her and ask her to check to see if the bag was still in the car? I smell a large helping of bullshit.

    The reason that she’s not being charged with anything is that superduperresponsible gunzloonz DON”T get charged in FL unless they kill the wrong person–in front of unimpeachable witnesses who videotape the act.

    • GregH

      Fixed it – “unless they kill the wrong *WHITE* person *NOT THROWING POPCORN AT THEM*–in front of unimpeachable witnesses who videotape the act.”

      • GregH

        Because you *KNOW* a 71 year old white retired police officer in FL ain’t doing time! They will argue diminished capacity and plead it down to manslaughter (probably would’ve dropped the charges if the guy he shot had been black!) and he’ll have to give up his guns and serve probation. Just sayin’.

    • I think you’re missing a key point: They said they had a missing item. They didn’t say what it was. Could’ve been sunglasses or a goddamned umbrella. I suspect had the Tannehill’s called and said “HOLY SHIT WE LEFT OUR FUCKING AR-15 IN THAT CAR!” the rental company would have put an APB out on the vehicle because LIABILITEEEZ and whatnot.

  2. Why hasn’t this idiot been arrested for negligence and endangering public safety? Because she’s a supermodel wife of an NFL quarterback?

    No, because it would be wrong to punish a responsible gun owner for making a dumb mistake that anyone could make. If they started taking away people’s right to own guns just because they lose their deadly weapons or accidentally shoot someone, the NRA would has a sad, and we can’t have that.

    • Yeah somehow the phrases “dumb mistake that anyone could make” and “AR-15” don’t really go together in my book. I know you were being facetious but I’m pretty sure you’re correct that this is how Redneck America thinks. When it happens to them or their people it’s a “dumb mistake,” when a Democrat in Kentucky accidentally fires her weapon she’s irresponsible and should be thrown in jail.

      Heard Green Day’s “American Idiot” on the radio today and couldn’t help but think how prescient that was.

      • I think leaving a bag behind in a rental car is the kind of dumb mistake that anyone could make. So is forgetting that you have a forbidden item in your bag when you get to airport security, mishandling something you’re holding, leaving a valuable where it gets taken by a burglar, or all of the other kinds of dumb mistakes people make with their firearms. It’s just that when they make those mistakes with firearms, the potential consequences are much, much worse than with other items we encounter on a daily basis.

        What we gun control people are really saying is that we think guns are especially dangerous, so people should be held to a higher standard when it comes to the way they handle guns. We as a society do exactly that for other things that are considered to be especially dangerous. We license drivers and cars and punish people for using them recklessly. We do it for explosives, drugs, and many kinds of poison. But guns have an organized lobby that wants to protect people when they use their guns stupidly, so we’re stuck with people doing dumb stuff like leaving their AR-15 in a rental car and getting off without so much as a slap on the wrist.

      • Well, I think the point is: a gun, any gun, let alone an AR-15, is NOT the same as a pair of sunglasses or an umbrella. It’s just not. It’s a dangerous weapon. She didn’t leave her PURSE in the car, did she? Why not? Because she knew it was important. If you’re so irresponsible that you forget you’ve left a deadly weapon in the back of your car, and then you’re too stupid to realize that maybe this is something that needs to be addressed by law enforcement or someone before it falls into the wrong hands, then you’re clearly not up to the task of responsible gun ownership.

        If it had been a bag of jewelry or $25,000 in cash I guarantee you she wouldn’t have left it in that car. These Texas idiots walking around shopping malls with their AR-15s strapped to their backs are trying to “normalize” their gun loonery and they have no fucking clue how dangerous that is.

        These people were very, very lucky. If that gun had been used in a crime, they’d be liable. Or rather, they SHOULD be liable.

  3. The mere fact Ryan Tannehill is considered an NFL quarterback and has a supermodel wife should bring criminal prosecution.

  4. “I think you’re missing a key point: They said they had a missing item.”

    I got it the first time. The rental company was likely not notified. HAD they been notified they would have moved heaven and earth to help a defenseless, teh HAWT, white, blond supermodel gunz owner to get ANYTHING that she had left in the car back, ‘cuz she’s RYAN TANNEHILL’S GOLDANGED WIFE!!

    I’ve left stuff in rental cars and had them call me about it. They really don’t want to have a reputation of playing loose with misplaced property if they can avoid it. In the instant case they could have contacted the lady from NY and asked her to take a quick peek in the backseat.

    I’m not saying it’s IMPOSSIBLE that Ms. Tannehill might be telling the truth. I would also say that it’s not IMPOSSIBLE that she’d join me for an evening of fun and frolic in the hot tub. I think we can all do that math.

    • Well I’m confused. Who do you think is lying here?

      • I think that Ms. Tannehill is lying and I wouldn’t doubt that the rental agency is trying to do “damage control” so that they won’t get sued. Rentals are supposed to be thoroughly checked before they go out of the agency. This includes cars that have only been used for a few hours as they might have been used to commit a crime or they might have been trashed by the previous renter. It’s a fair bet that a pre-rental inspection was NOT done before the woman from NY drove off in the SUV otherwise they would have set the seats in the upright position to make sure that the vehicle was clean and undamaged (and didn’t have a corpse or something under the folded down seats). I have not left a rental agency without looking over any car I rent very carefully. I take photos of them, with my Nikon, not my cell phone, all four sides, roof, trunk, hood and front and rear bumpers.

        If the rental agency did not inspect the car after I was returned by Ms. Tannehill and subsequently let it back out (which was apparently what happened) I’m sure that someone will be losing their job.

      • I dunno, maybe. A black bag in the trunk of a car might have been overlooked, especially if the car’s interior were black. I dunno. I’ve rented cars and found weird stuff under the seats and in the trunk before. Usually trash or maybe a pair of sunglasses. Not a gun.

  5. The funniest part is that those dumb crackers called the rental agency to report the property as missing, only that they were ashamed to admit that it was an AR-15!

    I once heard a story about a guy that went off on a bender in Vegas about twenty years ago and left his personal drug stash bag at a table. He called the manager the next morning to report a missing black bag and was conveniently hooked up with the Las Vegas Police Department. That’s how stupid these gun-loving Floridians are, only difference being that the law is on their side.

  6. Ryan Tannehill’s stats for 2013,

    24 TD’s; 17 picks, 9 fumbles

    I think that Mr. Tannehill needs to spend more time working on his game and less time at the range. Just sayin’.