Still Not Feeling Better, Folks

Last August I posted about some strange signs the Metro Nashville police department had put up in my neighborhood which I found creepy and more than a little disturbing. They looked like this:


Well, you can imagine my dismay when last week I started seeing these things in my neighborhood:


Wowzah. Just curious: Does any criminal believe that the police will announce they’re doing an undercover surveillance operation? Did they put this ginormous sign up because the little yard signs weren’t working? Why not just put up a billboard advertising T.J. Eckleberg, O.D., and be done with it?

I really don’t get the point of this and it creeps me the hell out. We’ve had a few break-ins in the neighborhood, some people had their car windows smashed and items like laptops and purses stolen. Well, folks, here’s a thought: don’t leave anything you don’t want stolen inside your car. That’s just a no-brainer to me.

Whatever. I think our police department is out of ideas.


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10 responses to “Still Not Feeling Better, Folks

  1. Joseph Stans

    I’m at a loss other than Tennessee and bamboo which if you don’t get rid of it will soon kill all the kudzu. Or is that another state. It’s hard to keep tack.

    • Yeah the only thing stopping this bamboo forest is the four-lane road. We don’t have a lot of kudzu around Nashville, for some reason.

      • jazzbumpa

        Kudzu wilts under police surveillance.

      • C B

        If it won’t get you thrown in the hoosegow, you can harvest the shoots when they start coming up in the spring. Using your foot, bend them over at ground level, until you hear the stem snap. Peel off the outer layers, then slice, saute, and sauce ’em up however you like. Very tasty! I learned this from Chinese friends in south GA, where there is also a lot of bamboo.

      • Really? Any type of bamboo works? It doesn’t have to be a specific variety? Thank you, Ewell Gibbons!

  2. Anniemouse

    I never understood why people left valuables out in the open in their car. Our neighborhood had a rash of (teens) opening car doors and stealing things, because people couldn’t be bothered to lock their car doors. I don’t understand that, either.

    • I don’t understand these people who leave guns in the glove box of their car and the car door unlocked. If you think you live in fucking Mayberry then why the hell do you need a gun in the first place?

  3. “If you think you live in fucking Mayberry then why the hell do you need a gun in the first place?”

    Boy, you obviously don’t know how dangerous those first few seconds, before you get the veehickul started and the force field up,,, You NEED a gun, then, just in case, somebody tries to get in your unlocked…wait, what? LOCK the truck! Hey, bud, this ain’t Rusha!

  4. Randy

    Probably some animal loving, electric car driving climate changing progressive in the neighborhood that’s a threat to National Security (or Marsha Blackburn) under surveillance.

  5. GregH

    Our state rep., Sheila Butt,(no, I didn’t make that name up any more than I made up Mae Beavers) left her car UNLOCKED outside the post office while she chatted up some folks for like 45 MINS, then returned to find her I-Pad and purse missing. Well, DUH!